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Merlin is back! :D

Spoilers for this episode, obviously, and also some references to the last season )

Next time on: Spoilers spoilers spoilers )

General Roundup:
Great first episode! There's something here for everyone - drama, horror, friendship, family - and those who like a bit of all will be pleased with this episode, I think.

I love the interactions between the characters, which shows evidence of having changed during the interval between the last season and this one. There are some nice light-hearted moments - and some genuinely touching ones - in the midst of all the drama and confusion.

I also love the contrast in the scenes with Morgana and those she interacts with and the scenes at Camelot. In the former, everything is usually colourless (or in one case, very very vividly one colour), wearied-looking, and foreboding; in the latter, they're colourful, cheerful, and (more often than not) lively. Of course when trouble sets in at Camelot things change, but generally speaking the contrast is quite clear.

Looking forward to next weekend's episode!
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In which we get a closer look at the home lives of our heroes )

General Roundup:
In a word: FABULOUS.

This episode focuses mostly on Kaldur - including some of his origin story, which is nice to see because he's a character created for this show - and simultaneously introduces viewers to the Undersea parts of this Earth. We see Aquaman, his family, and other Atlanteans - interestingly diverse and very well-designed from an artistic viewpoint - and the network of relationships they have with one another. They have significant roles to play in this story and it is great. We also, as part of seeing this new part of the world in more detail, meet a water-based villain.

We do get to see the other YJers in their home environments too. We see this Bruce Wayne demonstrate (yet again) that he is a well-rounded character (and meet this 'verse's Alfred), see the Flash family in a warm and relaxed setting, see Artemis and her mother together (although they're in rather different circumstances than Dick or Wally and their folks, leaving plenty of room for story development), and see M'gann and Kon have a pleasant (well...mostly! XD) evening at Mount Justice.

Kaldur - who continues to be a firm favourite of mine - impressed me *highly* in this episode, which focuses on the characters individually while also tying nicely into the overall season's plot with a brief scene at the end.

Probably the best episode to date.
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Plenty of Denials indeed. )

General Roundup:
Not bad an episode.

We're introduced to the magical side of this 'verse (Earth-16, according to the DC Wikia), meeting some interesting characters and getting to see a drawn-out magical battle.

My only personal gripe is about how one of the magical characters (a favourite from the comics 'verse in not much more than a cameo appearance here) is written - but that gripe is so strong that it makes me wonder about the characterization of the magical "villain" of the episode. How different is it from the comics, I wonder. And am I less willing to accept the change of characterization for one because they're a favourite while the other is just someone I know in passing? The only thing I can really say for sure is that I didn't like how one was written even though I wasn't bothered by the other.

We also see what the members of the team that are present in the episode (one isn't) feel about magic, and how that may or may not have changed by the end. There's also a nice continuity nod to a habit that Kid Flash has been exhibiting in the other episodes.

The 'romance' plot continues to move forward slowly...and this episode puts an interesting touch on it.
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In which we finally meet the last member of the team )

General Roundup:
Finally, finally, we meet the team's last permanent member - Artemis. I like her already - she's no-nonsense, experienced, and competent. In that way she's like Aqualad, who is proving to be a good leader for the team - who are now, much more than before, starting to behave like one.

I like the look at one of the team members' civilian life - and a certain humour aspect that's used in that scene is done very well - and the introduction of some more DCU characters (villains and civilians). We also see that one character who appeared briefly in episodes one and three isn't out of the story completely - and I think that's great. There's also a nice sense of forward movement in terms of the plot being hatched by the shadowy enemy.

I'm not keen on the new angle to the "romantic" part of the overall plot, however. But again, I believe that a lot will ride on how the situation is resolved.

And the following shots of M'gann - which panned upwards in the animation - really pulled me out of the scene they were in, because my first thought when I saw them was WTF ).

They were completely unneeded, unwanted, and took away my interest in an otherwise really good set of scenes.

And there wasn't even any need for it. The following scenes, that came earlier, were fine as they were and got the message (these kids are having fun in the water) across too ).

Thankfully the rest of the episode was much better - enough for me to say that overall, I thought this was an interesting and engaging episode. Note to the creators: just leave out stuff like that one unnecessary bit with M'gann at the beach and we're absolutely golden.
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In which things are not Happy at all )

General Roundup:
The boys spend some time with M'gann in this episode. They face a villain who learns not to underestimate them, and they also learn a little bit more (IMO and I hope!) about the value of teamwork when it comes to taking down an enemy none of them can handle alone. They also come to realize that maybe having a mentor isn't as bad as they thought - and I like that small bit of development.

From what I've seen of M'gann, I like her. In addition, Kaldur’s continually proving to be my favourite. I think the characters' ages (oldest to youngest) go like this: Roy, Kaldur (unless the two of them are around the same age?), Wally, Dick, and M’gann. Let’s see where Artemis fits in when she joins! I'm still looking forward to that. It'll be nice to have another female perspective on the team - that way, maybe the boys will stop picking on M'gann so much. And if Artemis *isn't* a rookie, and she teaches M'gann to be more assertive, that'd be a very welcome outcome too, IMO.
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I've written reviews of #1 here and #2 here (second post at that link) and now I'm doing a post with scans!

Sigil is a four-issue limited series, the second of two CrossGen titles (the other being Ruse) to be recently revitalized by Marvel. Since the fourth issue just came out last week, I figured this was as good a time as any to do a post about it. The trade - called Out of Time - comes out in September.

I think there's a fair amount about it that makes it interesting, including the facts that the protagonist is an interesting teenage girl, that it passes the Bechdel test at some points, and that there are pirates (including an awesome lady captain) involved.

What brought it to my attention, however, were two of the names on the cover (by Jelena Djurdjevic) of the first issue - Mike Carey and Leonard Kirk. As a fan of both Carey's work on The Unwritten and Kirk's work on the first Agents of Atlas miniseries, the idea of a collaboration between the two had instant appeal for me. As I found out later, the storyline and art (including some really nice colouring by Guru eFX) would justify my interest.

13 scans from two issues - 7 from #1 (22 pages) and 6 from #2 (20 pages). The images are different sizes because some are taken from previews and some are my own scans.

Note: There are scenes of grieving (a funeral; in the second set of scans) and scenes of bullying (in both sets of scans).

Sigil #1: In which we meet our heroine )

Sigil #2: In which Captain Sin is awesome )

Part two coming soon!
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20 icons of Ensign Hoshi Sato, Communications Officer of the starship Enterprise NX-01, from the TV show Star Trek: Enterprise.

Made for Round 23 of the contest at [ profile] startrek20in20.


Breaking a Vulcan encryption code would be easier than this )


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