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Yeah new episode! :)

Featuring two female guest stars (one recurring, one new) among the others and a rather nice story in general )

General Roundup:
Good episode.

We get a new female guest star (very de-aged, but then so are a lot of the characters in this series), another female hero in a recurring role with more screen/voice time (and she's voiced by the same person who voices Black Widow on The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes(!)), a brief look at legacy characters, an interesting backstory for another recurring character, and some nice thoughts on the meaning of humanity and heroism.

One slight downside for me: Kon is rather annoyingly grumpy/angry for a good part of this episode. Part of me understood his reasoning, but part of me got tired of it really fast and was glad when Kaldur pointedly gave him something to think about - and when he appeared to realize that something he'd been thinking was wrong.
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Plenty of Denials indeed. )

General Roundup:
Not bad an episode.

We're introduced to the magical side of this 'verse (Earth-16, according to the DC Wikia), meeting some interesting characters and getting to see a drawn-out magical battle.

My only personal gripe is about how one of the magical characters (a favourite from the comics 'verse in not much more than a cameo appearance here) is written - but that gripe is so strong that it makes me wonder about the characterization of the magical "villain" of the episode. How different is it from the comics, I wonder. And am I less willing to accept the change of characterization for one because they're a favourite while the other is just someone I know in passing? The only thing I can really say for sure is that I didn't like how one was written even though I wasn't bothered by the other.

We also see what the members of the team that are present in the episode (one isn't) feel about magic, and how that may or may not have changed by the end. There's also a nice continuity nod to a habit that Kid Flash has been exhibiting in the other episodes.

The 'romance' plot continues to move forward slowly...and this episode puts an interesting touch on it.
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Sigil #2 (of 4) - Mike Carey (story), Leonard Kirk (pencils, pages 1-15 & 20), Patrick Olliffe (pencils, pages 16-19), Ed Tadeo (inks), Guru EFX (colours), and Rob Steen (letters). The cover is by Jelena Djurdjevic.

Spoilery summary ahead as this issue kicks off with a lot of action )

My thoughts:
This is a good issue! Things continue to get interesting. There's good world-building and we learn a bit more about how "magic" (for lack of a better term) works in this universe.

Sam now has an important, if still somewhat cryptic, "mission" and at least some of the things she needs to work on it...but she still has the school bullies to deal with as well. She's also slowly growing in confidence, both concerning the magical elements of her story and with her enemies at school. We're also shown another glimpse of her non-school non-Sigil-related life through a flashback.

I like that this comic is still passing the Bechdel test and that it does a somewhat better job in this issue than in the last one. In this issue, not only do Sam and Captain Sin (who is the definition of kick-ass) have a brief conversation about survival in difficult situations, but it's evident that Sam really takes the Captain's words to heart. As she gathers her courage for the task ahead (just before the "To be continued" on the last page), she repeats something that the Captain told her earlier for (as I read it) strength and comfort.

I still like the art (seriously can't go wrong with Leonard Kirk pencils!) and I feel I should once again point out the great colouring. Patrick Olliffe also draws some of the pages and his work fits nicely in with Kirk's so that the reader isn't drawn out of the drama of the story. Upon closer study one can see the differences, but they aren't big enough to attract my attention in a negative way.

Overall? Good writing, good art = [personal profile] ficticons keeps reading (if she can still find the money for comics, but that's another subject :P).
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Teen Titans #94 ("The Power of Myth") - J. T. Krul [writer], Nicola Scott [penciller], Doug Hazlewood [inker], Carlos M. Mangual [letterer], and Jason Wright [colourist]. The cover is by Scott and Hazlewood with Wright.

Click for a spoilery summary )

My thoughts:
This was an interesting issue. It had good setup for what's to come next.

Kiran continues to be interesting. She seems to fit in nicely with this group of Teen Titans apart from one thing that's not really her fault ). I expect it'll be a plot point in one of the next three issues in this arc. I like her response to something Rose says, and I like that she does seem genuinely, and very, pleased that Tim knows what he does about the Ramayana (and that she's able to express that pleasure with a quip).

And good for Tim for knowing that, too, although I wouldn't be surprised that reading up on the world's great stories is something done as part of training (at least; if not for pleasure) by someone who takes being part of the Batfamily the way that Tim does. In fact, I'm somewhat amused at the thought that he's probably read more advanced translations/different versions than I have! :P

The story of the Ramayana as I know it isn't quite like what Krul describes, but I suppose he's using what he can of the epic that suits his own needs, like I'm fairly sure other writers have done with other mythologies. Examples ) Anyway, a little online searching and looking through another version I have at home, to learn more about the source, was I think good for me.

The Raven/Gar relationship, though. It's clearly strained here - and Tim mentions it in the last issue - and I wonder if I don't really understand why because I haven't read any of the TT titles prior to this (well, if you don't count an old copy of the first issue of the current volume, read about six years after it first came out). I find myself wishing that Gar's focus wasn't so particularly "Raven above all else" when he's around her. 'Course, his awkwardness leading to unintendended insensitivity leading to anger from Raven isn't great either. But let's see...apparently issue #96 is going to be a spotlight on him. I just hope it's better than the last Gar-focused issue I read! :|

Looking forward to the next chapter.
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I found out today, via the tumblr of former Marvel Comics editor/currently independent (?editor/)writer Nate Cosby, that he had some new information to share about his latest project - a 100-page hardback called "Jim Henson's The Storyteller", due out from Archaia Comics in September this year.

He's put four pieces of work-in-progress interior art from the book online. Here are two of them )

The other two (a piece by Jennifer Meyer for a story by Marjorie Liu and a piece by Tom Fowler for a story by Jeff Parker) are at this post on Cosby's tumblr. He's also hinted that he might put up the book's cover art (which he describes as "GORGEOUS") soon.
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Since [personal profile] suzene recently gave us a brief look at what's happening in The Unwritten #12 (and despite the fact that since "unwritten" still describes, for the moment, one of my papers for this semester), I thought I'd do a post about what Mike Carey and Peter Gross have in store for us for next week and the two months after that.

ETA: The images should be displaying correctly now.

Three pretty covers and their solicits under the cut )

For all trade-waiters (and trade collectors!) out there, The Unwritten Vol. 2: Inside Man (which collects issues 6-12) has been solicited for August 11. I'm looking forward to it very, very much. ♥
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Some news about what the Young Avengers and New Warriors will be doing during the events of Seige, courtesy Note: Spoilers for the ending of Seige #3 in the article.

In SIEGE: YOUNG AVENGERS #1, writer Sean McKeever and artist Mahmud Asrar stick the teenage heroes right in the thick of things, with a special story that focuses on team members Wiccan and Patriot.
McKeever reveals that his one-shot takes place "near the end of SIEGE #3," though he remained mum on the specifics.

Some Young Avengers preview art under the cut )

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