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Ooh, interesting beginning. That’s Dr. Fate’s helmet!

Madame Xanadu! :D In New Orleans instead of her usual Vertigo-Universe New York City, but that’s okay for the cartoon I guess.

...That :D of delight up there? IS NOW A TOTAL D: and >.<. Sadness and fury. Why, show, did you have to make Mme. X a fake here? She’s a powerful shades-of-grey magician – who worked with Merlin, for goodness’ sake! – with real skills. She also has millennia of experience with the consequences of doing silly things. >.< I’m not cool with this portrayal of her at all.
-- Also, add the fact that she’s probably a person of colour here – which I *did* think was an interesting and different take on her – no, definitely not cool.
--- And Kent even tells her she has the right aura! Come on.

M’gann (to Artemis): “You know who would totally make a good couple? You...and Wally! You’re so full of passion and he’s so full of...uh...full of...”
Artemis: “'it’?”
XD <3

Kon: “Black Canary taught me that.”
<3 <3 <3 Look at the positive influence Dinah’s already having! Perhaps instead of Superman’s symbol, or even Wonder Woman’s, Kon should take up Black Canary's. That would create an interesting situation with Roy, too...if she’s as important to Roy here as she is in the comics.

Wally: “Yeah, well ‘the Batman’’s is off with ‘the Robin’ doing the ‘Dynamic Duo’ thing in Gotham.”

Aah, the old man from the opening is Kent Nelson. He’s 106 years old and a friend of Tornado’s.

Kaldur: “Of course! Nelson is Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme. He’s Doctor Fate!”
Borrowing a concept there much, show? (*coughStephenStrange*coughDoctorVoodoo *) The only reference I see to a DC "Sorcerer Supreme" is an old Atlantean magician called Ahri'ahn (Arion).

So the JSA are in canon here! Good to know.

Wally: “More like ‘Doctor Fake’. Guy knows a little advanced science, Dumbledore’s it up to scare the bad guys and impress the babes!...”
Hmm. Interesting Harry Potter shout-out there, as well as an indication of Wally’s thoughts on (the uses of) magic.

Love that Aqualad and Artemis are the ones to roll their eyes at Wally’s declaration that he “seriously considered” becoming a wizard.

Wally (after searching the area where the Tower of Fate is supposed to be): “Nothing. This isn’t simple camouflage.”
Artemis: “So...what do you think? Adaptive micro-opto-electronics combined with phase shifting?”
Wally: “Absolutely...”
*sees M’gann, who has respect for magicians because there are sorcerers on Mars, coming up*
Wally: “...not! Clearly mystic powers...are at work here.”
LOL. Of course he’s stuck between Artemis’ views and M’gann’s.

I like that Aqualad is the one to recognize that the key is a test of faith and is the one able to make it work. Fabulous! I also love the shocked look on Artemis’ face when the test *does* work.

Hmm. So I don’t recognize Abracadabra, but that impish kid is probably Klarion the Witch Boy. His cat’s name is Tiko Teekl.

Kent (hologram): “Greetings. You’ve entered with the Key but the Tower does not recognize you. Please state your Purpose and Intent.”
Wally: “We are true to find Doctor Fate!”
...and then the floor crumbles beneath their feet. Yikes! The Tower takes its defences seriously!

That’s some pretty real lava. I wonder if Kon’s quick reflexes were the reason only his boots got burnt...

I love that Artemis has a grapple gun with her even when she’s in civvies. Always prepared! :D

Artemis saves Kaldur, M’gann grabs Wally, and Kon’s left to himself.

I’m sort of surprised the Tower didn’t disappear the minute the YJ team was inside.

Ooh. Does that collar do more than mute someone? Or did Kent just say “My friends...have come to help me” because he knows the tower has other defences?

M’gann is susceptible to heat. Playing on the DCU Martians' fear of fire (and for a good reason, if this is what it does to them)? I wonder.

M’gann: “Losing...altitude...I’m hot...”
Wally: “You are.”
Artemis: “WALLY!!!” (I agree, Artemis!)
Wally: “What? Inches above my sizzling death, I’m entitled to speak my mind!”

Wally: “Don’t worry, Mega-licious, I got ya.”
Artemis (shoving him): “Enough! Your little ‘Impress Megan at all costs’ game nearly got us all barbecued!
Wally: “When did this become *my* fault?”
Artemis: “When you *lied* to that...whatever it was...and called yourself a ‘true believer’!”
Y’know, I like Artemis. She seems to be speaking the thoughts of the viewer, here! (Well, mine anyway.)

A little bit of backstory for Kaldur: he studied for a year at the Conservatory for Sorcery in Atlantis. And his “skin icons” (the parts of his arms that glow when he uses his powers) and “water bearers” (the water-construct creators?) were created via the Atlantean Mystic Arts.

Origin story for Wally! He recreated the Flash’s experiment to give himself access to the Speed Force. I wonder what Barry thought of that when he found perhaps, instead of Bruce talking to Clark about Kon, it should be Barry.

Wally is quite the little scientist! “Ever hear of string theory? We’re in a pocket dimension.” XD

Hmm. I wonder at the relevance of Artemis and Wally being the ones to be transported away by Kent’s cane.

LOL at the elevator music inside the tower.

Abra Kadabra (two words, apparently, since Kent calls him “Abra”) is apparently a Flash villain! Barry proved he was just using futuristic science to trick people into thinking he was doing magic.

Dr. Fate serves the Lord of Order and Klarion the Witch Boy serves the Lord of Chaos.

Notice how Artemis runs to join M’gann, Kaldur, and Kon just as they arrive (the latter two with falls, M’gann with a proper landing :P)... conveniently leaving Wally alone with Kent and Klarion.

Whoa. Did Kent just die? D:
-- apparently he did.

Abra is able to handle the other YJers pretty easily with his futuristic tech – but leaves M’gann enough time to send Wally a telepathic call for help. “Tell Nelson we need Doctor Fate!”

Look at Wally desperately trying to revive Kent before anything else! He doesn’t want to put on the Helmet unless he *really* has to...

...and when he does, he finds the experience sort of... anticlimactic, even though he (or his soul, anyway) has been transported *inside* the Helmet. Kent's spirit/soul is beside him, saying that he (Kent) was probably “sucked in” to the Helmet as well because he had it for so long.

Meanwhile, Wally’s body - in the Doctor Fate costume - is under the control of Nabu, a Lord of Order.

Wally feels all of Klarion’s attacks when Fate is hit! If Fate loses, Wally’s dead. And Wally can't combine his Kid Flash powers with Fate’s magic ones because “that’s not the way it works”.

Nabu’s apparently “out of practice” and Wally has “zero affinity for the mystic arts”.

Fate just attacked Klarion’s cat! 0.0

Klarion: “Tiko Teekl!”
*turning to glare at Fate*
Klarion: “I can’t believe you’d attack a defenceless pussycat!”
Fate: “We both know that...creature is no cat, Witch-Boy! And without your familiar, you have no *anchor* on this reality.”
Interesting! Fate needs a host (and the Helmet)...and Klarion needs a familiar.

I’ve been thinking about Klarion’s characterization here. Have they made him the ‘annoying little brat’ type when he isn’t? I mean if Madame Xanadu’s characterization can be messed up... :S. Also, something else I realized: Mme. X shouldn’t have been scared of Abra's ‘sudden appearance’ in her shop, even if he was helped by Klarion (and thus his appearance was 'real magic' and not a high-tech illusion)...because she is a real magician herself >.<

Fate wants to keep Wally’s body! 0.0
- Kent says he (technically) can but shouldn’t and reminds Fate that Wally’s personality is more about science. Fate acknowledges that point.
-- Then Kent says Wally will make sure Fate is put to good use against Chaos (to which Wally hurriedly agrees!) and...that he’ll stay inside the Helmet for some time longer “to keep [Fate] company”.
--- Fate agrees. Wally’s shocked but Kent says “a few millennia” more aren’t a long time to wait before he’s reunited with his wife (something he’d been looking forward to during the rest of the episode).

Ooh, so did Wally hear whom Kent meant by “your own little spitfire” or did he take off the helmet before that? Dun dun dun!

*Well*. It appears Wally has a trophy room at Mount Justice! There's Cheshire's mask, one of Artemis' arrows, a Kobra cultist mask, and a robot eye from villain in "Welcome to Happy Harbour".

Artemis: “You never said what happened to you. When you put on the Helmet.”
Wally: “Energy from the thing rewrote my brain’s beta waves. I was bio-scripted into becoming Doctor Fate for a few minutes. No big.”
Artemis: “Wait. You’re still claiming there’s no such thing as magic? If that’s how you feel, why keep it at all?”
Wally: “Souvenir.”
Artemis (exasperated, as she leaves): “Geek!”
Hmm. Wally's collecting habit seems to come in handy for him here! Also, I’m not sure what I would suggest instead but "Geek!" sounds a little odd there, to me.

The show’s text seems to say that the “little spitfire of your own that won’t let you get away with nothing” that Kent advises Wally to find is Artemis...but he’s not interested in her. He seems to prefer M’gann and Artemis is not (all that?) interested in him.

Not keen on Wally using the “Hello, M’gann!” as a joke and a pick-up line. I guess it’s in-character for this version of him, but I don’t find it particularly funny.

General Roundup:
Not bad an episode.

We're introduced to the magical side of this 'verse (Earth-16, according to the DC Wikia), meeting some interesting characters and getting to see a drawn-out magical battle.

My only personal gripe is about how one of the magical characters (a favourite from the comics 'verse in not much more than a cameo appearance here) is written - but that gripe is so strong that it makes me wonder about the characterization of the magical "villain" of the episode. How different is it from the comics, I wonder. And am I less willing to accept the change of characterization for one because they're a favourite while the other is just someone I know in passing? The only thing I can really say for sure is that I didn't like how one was written even though I wasn't bothered by the other.

We also see what the members of the team that are present in the episode (one isn't) feel about magic, and how that may or may not have changed by the end. There's also a nice continuity nod to a habit that Kid Flash has been exhibiting in the other episodes.

The 'romance' plot continues to move forward slowly...and this episode puts an interesting touch on it.
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