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Teen Titans #96: "Beast of Legend"
J. T. Krul (writer), José Luís (penciller), Sandro Ribeiro and Jonas Trindade (inkers), Carlos M. Mangual (letterer), Jason Wright (colourist). The cover is by Nicola Scott, Doug Hazlewood, and Jason Wright.

Spoilers ahoy! Plus brief a note on the mythology in this issue )

My thoughts:
Not too bad an issue. It felt a bit shorter than the others in this arc, though, probably because a fair amount of it (at least in the first half) consisted of panels where text (thought?) boxes were the only words, and that too from the perspective of only one character (Gar). That's not to say it was static and boring, however, because it wasn't - Gar was continually jumping around, transforming as he did so, which provided quite a bit of dynamism.

And I liked what I read in Gar's thoughts. This is a character who is ready to move past his younger days and drop or modify some personality traits that, although they might have been appropriate for the time, are not so any longer. I liked this on first read much more than I liked the only other comic I've read that featured/spotlighted mainstream DCU Gar for an issue (Titans #15, IIRC) on first read.

Also, we get some info on Kiran's powers! Hopefully the next issue will finally make clear what exactly it is about her that's affecting Raven so much. Tataka's words and Vijay's actions appear to show (at least to me!) that there just might be something about Kiran that she's not telling us or the Titans. In addition, I would really like to know if the tatoo (for lack of a better word only) she appears to have on one arm has anything to do with her powers - it glows when she uses her 'light beams' with that hand but she can use the 'beams' from her other hand as well so...yeah. Interesting.

The first thing that I noticed about the art - before I went back and read the artist credit - was that it definitely wasn't what I'd been looking at for the past three issues. Luís's work isn't bad - meaning that it's not badly porportioned or unnaturally posed - but it does make a stark difference from Nicola Scott's. To me, the difference was particularly noticeable in the portrayal of Kiran, at least a couple of pages into the issue, and in some panels where all the characters looked less fully detailed (i.e. more "sketched", again only for lack of a better term) than I was used to seeing.
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Teen Titans #95: "How the Mighty Fall"
J. T. Krul (writer), Nicola Scott (penciller), Doug Hazlewood (inker), Jason Wright (colourist), Carlos M. Mangual (letterer). The cover is by Scott, Hazlewood, and Wright.

Spoilers )

My thoughts:
Interesting issue! I loved the last-page reveal - I think it's a brilliant take on the mythology in this story. It was, for me, really a "whoa, wow" moment. In addition, the explanation about why exactly Rankor needed prisoners (quite apart from the fact that he's this story's villain!) was an interesting one when added to what the final page revealed.

However, I think that Kiran seems a bit too eager to say that ultimately, 'fate' will take its course, no matter what. Especially since this comes right after Gar tells her (and I'm paraphrasing here) that he admires her emotional strength during the time her parents are missing.

Also, I'm not sure about the point of part of Bart's scenes. He sets something in motion that he hopes will help the others, but if they're not going to acknowledge that at all, what's the point of even having him do it?

The issue's artwork is, as usual on this title, nicely done by Nicola Scott. Some readers might like that there's a bit of a 'fanservice-y' moment too, concerning Kon. :P
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In which things get more difficult for our young heroes. Six scans under the cut.

Oh 'How the Mighty Fall' )
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Teen Titans #94 ("The Power of Myth") - J. T. Krul [writer], Nicola Scott [penciller], Doug Hazlewood [inker], Carlos M. Mangual [letterer], and Jason Wright [colourist]. The cover is by Scott and Hazlewood with Wright.

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My thoughts:
This was an interesting issue. It had good setup for what's to come next.

Kiran continues to be interesting. She seems to fit in nicely with this group of Teen Titans apart from one thing that's not really her fault ). I expect it'll be a plot point in one of the next three issues in this arc. I like her response to something Rose says, and I like that she does seem genuinely, and very, pleased that Tim knows what he does about the Ramayana (and that she's able to express that pleasure with a quip).

And good for Tim for knowing that, too, although I wouldn't be surprised that reading up on the world's great stories is something done as part of training (at least; if not for pleasure) by someone who takes being part of the Batfamily the way that Tim does. In fact, I'm somewhat amused at the thought that he's probably read more advanced translations/different versions than I have! :P

The story of the Ramayana as I know it isn't quite like what Krul describes, but I suppose he's using what he can of the epic that suits his own needs, like I'm fairly sure other writers have done with other mythologies. Examples ) Anyway, a little online searching and looking through another version I have at home, to learn more about the source, was I think good for me.

The Raven/Gar relationship, though. It's clearly strained here - and Tim mentions it in the last issue - and I wonder if I don't really understand why because I haven't read any of the TT titles prior to this (well, if you don't count an old copy of the first issue of the current volume, read about six years after it first came out). I find myself wishing that Gar's focus wasn't so particularly "Raven above all else" when he's around her. 'Course, his awkwardness leading to unintendended insensitivity leading to anger from Raven isn't great either. But let's see...apparently issue #96 is going to be a spotlight on him. I just hope it's better than the last Gar-focused issue I read! :|

Looking forward to the next chapter.
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Something else that I've been meaning to do (apart from fic and icons) is to write monthly reviews of the comics that I read (when I buy monthly or, alternatively, when I finish a trade). Here's one review for a comic that came out in March - the second of three I read that month. The first review was for the new revival of the CrossGen title Sigil (link goes to LJ, where the post includes a lengthy plot synopsis (and therefore spoilers)) and it is something I wrote before 3WFDW started.

But for today, I've got a review of DC Comics' Teen Titans #93 (subtitled "Step into the Light") by J. T. Krul [writer], Nicola Scott [penciller], Doug Hazlewood [inker], Sal Cipriano [letterer], and Jason Wright [colourist]. The cover was by Scott and Hazlewood with Wright.

I decided to start reading this title from this issue (and possibly stick with it at least for the first arc) for two reasons: the introduction of a new teen heroine who happens to be from India (like me, although that's where our similarities end, beyond the fact that she has powers and I don't) and because this seemed like a good place to jump in to the Teen Titans title, which I've been meaning to check out for a while anyway.

Click for the review )

My thoughts:
It looks good so far! I like Kiran, and I'm glad to be reading a book where I can get a regular dose of Rose (a character I'm intrigued about) as well as the other TT whom I'm not very familiar with, Bart and Kon. I've read quite a bit about Cassie, Raven, and Gar already, so I feel I know more about them and Tim, who is often in the Bat-stories that I read.

Other thoughts )

Overall? Interesting stuff. I'm willing to keep reading this title to see where this story goes and to see more of Kiran, her parents, and Helena.


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