Sep. 27th, 2011

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So based on the fact that the new episodes of the animated Young Justice are coming out again, I thought this would be a good time to start watching the series. I'll be commenting on and reviewing the episodes as I watch them.

I've read up a bit about the series and I know some basics that I'll keep under here in case anyone doesn't know and doesn't want to be spoiled ). In the review(s) I do I'll generally use their code names (or abbreviations of them) although I reserve the right to use civilian names too if it feels best at the time of writing :P.

Spoilery moment-by-moment commentary below )

General Roundup:
Interesting first episode (or first part of the pilot). We're slowly beginning to see the personalities of three of the six main characters - I'm looking forward to seeing them learn to work together and learn from each other.

So far? I like Aqualad the best, easily.
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Continuing to the second half of the pilot. The characters are mostly referred by abbreviations of their hero names.

In which there are plenty of Fireworks indeed )

General Roundup:
This is an enjoyable episode.

The boys from the last episode get out of a predicament and form a team. They're introduced to another main character towards the end, one of the girls, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of her and to the arrival of the second girl.

The villains of the day are defeated, but a larger more mysterious group is set up as well. That'll be the ongoing plot of the series, I suppose.
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In which things are not Happy at all )

General Roundup:
The boys spend some time with M'gann in this episode. They face a villain who learns not to underestimate them, and they also learn a little bit more (IMO and I hope!) about the value of teamwork when it comes to taking down an enemy none of them can handle alone. They also come to realize that maybe having a mentor isn't as bad as they thought - and I like that small bit of development.

From what I've seen of M'gann, I like her. In addition, Kaldur’s continually proving to be my favourite. I think the characters' ages (oldest to youngest) go like this: Roy, Kaldur (unless the two of them are around the same age?), Wally, Dick, and M’gann. Let’s see where Artemis fits in when she joins! I'm still looking forward to that. It'll be nice to have another female perspective on the team - that way, maybe the boys will stop picking on M'gann so much. And if Artemis *isn't* a rookie, and she teaches M'gann to be more assertive, that'd be a very welcome outcome too, IMO.
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