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Every two months or so, I try to pick up a free French-language magazine called Zoo le mag when I go to one of my comic shops. It has information about BD-related events, interviews, reviews, and some strips.

In the most recent edition, one of the strips was a page from the first album of a new series called Les Amours Compliquées de Roméo & Juliette. It's by Michel Rodrigue and Gilles "Erroc" Corre and published by Bamboo Édition.

The premise (taken and loosely translated from the Bamboo Éditions site linked to above) is the following:

In Verona in the 16th century, Roméo and Juliette love one another...but there are problems including 1) the fact that their balconies are separated by ten metres, 2) Juliette's father, 3) Juliette's nurse (as you will see),
4) two dogs, and 5) Roméo's recurring bad luck.

The objective? For Roméo to reach Juliette's balcony by whatever means possible!

When I saw the page reproduced below, I thought you folks might like it. The scanlation is by me (my first!), with the help of BabelFish, a dictionary, and my own non-native knowledge of French.

The things we do for love... )

Happy Valentine's Day, s_d. ♥

Suggested tags - medium: bande dessinée, genre: humor


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