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Merlin is back! :D

Ooh, I wonder what Morgana (I know it’s her from the previews) is pulling in that cart. An injured Morgause? Supplies?

So some of the Knights have already caught up with her! I see Leon, Elyan, and some others I don’t quite recognize.

Leon’s shocked to see her. I wonder how long it’s been since the last time...

MORGAUSE! :D Glad to see she survived the last episode of the last season.

Great new opening :D

LOVE that we’re finally seeing more of the castle than the royal chambers, a few hallways, and Gaius’ rooms/lab. Look at that kitchen! :D

LOVE the head cook – I’m assuming that’s who she is since she says it’s “my” kitchen – demanding an answer from Merlin.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Gwaine and Percival sneaking a piece of food out, Merlin joining in on their prank, and the “oy!” that follows soon after.

Lancelot: “I’m sure a man of your talents can think of something.”
XD LOL LOVE. I really wish he were staying the whole season! (IIRC the pre-season information said he wouldn't be)

Ooh, so now we have a closer look at the Isle of the Blessed and where it is. It’s in the Sea(s?) of Meridall. There’s also a ferryman there now whereas there wasn’t one when Merlin last visited (IIRC).

0.0 Uther’s changed a lot! The old King would never have let himself be seen so...casually or un-regally dressed.

GWEN! :D Looking fabulous.

Glad to see she’s still the caring and concerned person from the previous seasons. Also, there’s a definite change visible in her station at the castle – apart from the new dress, she’s also addressing and serving Uther directly, without any fear or meekness. I’m sure it’s at least as much about her new confidence and her new role as it is about Uther’s loss of spirit and heartbroken-ness.

Ah. It’s been a year since the ending of season three.

Gaius (about Uther): “You’re very good to him, Gwen.”
Gwen: “I don’t do it for him – I do it for Arthur.”

Uncle Agravaine! Well that’s my terminology for him – Arthur doesn’t refer to him as ‘uncle’. I wonder – if how you dress/look is any indication of your leanings in this series – what Agravaine’s deal is. He’s very slick and sort of Harry Potter movie-verse Snape looking, there.

Open and public mention of a magical place – interesting. But after the events of the last season the Castle Camelot people can’t afford to hide an acknowledgement of magic any more.

Two knights – one whose name I didn't catch and one called Sir Montague – are dead. Dear show, please don’t name-drop any more Round Table knights (Pellinore, Owain, Cador...) only to kill them!

Ah. So it’s ‘uncle’ in private then.

Agravaine: “I made a promise to your mother. I’ll always be there for you.”
Interesting. So is Aggy Igraine’s brother or Uther’s? I thought the spoilers coming out before this episode aired said he was Uther’s brother...hmm. Still, even as Uther’s brother he could have made a promise to his sister-in-law...definitely interesting.

The Isle looks a WHOLE lot darker than we last saw it. :|

The festival being celebrated is a remembrance of ancestors and those who have passed. Interesting that both Camelot and the magic folk acknowledge it. I wonder if Uther did during his reign.

Waaaaiiit...Morgause, are you gonna be a sacrifice? D: So don’t want! D:

Whoa. Morgause wasn’t kidding about the magical effects of her sacrifice on that particular day. Look at the way it affected Merlin! 0.0

Love that Lancelot’s the first one to rush to Merlin, though. :)

The Cailix (?) Cailleach, gatekeeper of the spirit world.

Cailix Cailleach (to Morgana): “You have created a new world. But you will not walk it alone. The one called Emrys – he is your shadow. He is your doom.”
Ooh, drama!

I think Gaius maybe knows a little more than he’s letting on. His expression when Merlin says the Cailix Cailleach called him “Emrys”...

Arthur: “...Yeah, that’s you’re a clotpole.”
Merlin: “That’s my word.”
Arthur: “Yeah, and it suits you perfectly.”

What sort of protocol is that, leaving the prince on his own and unguarded? Although the knights weren’t *that* far off...

LOL at Gwaine’s loud crunching. But I hope he’s more than the resident prankster...because there’s a lot more to him than that, if I recall the last season correctly.

Oh-oh. Disaster at the Castle!

At least fifty dead. :S

The ‘war council’ are Arthur, Agravaine, Gaius, and Merlin. Interesting change from the previous seasons of Arthur, Uther, Gaius, and maybe Leon.

Percival’s first speaking part! “Hey, it’s alright now.” <3

WTF with those parents not keeping a closer eye on their kids, though. Especially at a critical time like this!

Percival: “Thanks.”
Elyan: “Can’t let you have all the glory, now can I?”

:D that stairway leading down to Morgana’s hut looks familiar! I wonder if a similar (the same??) thing was used in the BBC’s Robin Hood for the gang’s lair. :P

HA! Looks like I was right about the colour scheme and Agravaine’s loyalties! :D

That scene with Arthur and Uther, and the next with Arthur and Gwen, is brilliant. Gwen’s slow smile when Arthur asked if she remembered the first time he kissed her mirrored mine. Fabulous all around.

Arthur obviously doesn’t realize it, but in giving Agravaine the Royal Seal he’s just handed his uncle everything he wanted.

Awww Lance! Look at how happy his face is when he sees Gwen.

Gwen: “Will you grant me a favour?”
Lance: “anything.”
Gwen (looking at Arthur): “Keep him safe. Bring him home.”
Lance: “I will protect him with my life.”
Gwen: “Thank you.”
D: Lance, please don’t die this episode! D:

Oooh. The 'Emrys' Morgana sees is the old-man-Merlin from one of the last season's episodes! Interesting. That way, she won't suspect the least not right away (although his voice did sound very similar if not the same).

Man, if Lance dies then Merlin loses a much-needed non-Gaius confidante. D:

Lance, you are awesome. Love how you literally carry the torch and how the knights tag along after you. :D

Arthur: “It’s cold.”
Merlin: “Really?”
Arthur: “You’re not feeling it?”
Me: It’s the effect of the Morgul Blade! :S

0.0 D: at Merlin jumping between the...undead spirit and Arthur!

Next time on: The Dragon returns, a knight dies [it’s looking increasingly like Lance! D:], and Merlin gets conflicting advice.

General Roundup:
Great first episode! There's something here for everyone - drama, horror, friendship, family - and those who like a bit of all will be pleased with this episode, I think.

I love the interactions between the characters, which shows evidence of having changed during the interval between the last season and this one. There are some nice light-hearted moments - and some genuinely touching ones - in the midst of all the drama and confusion.

I also love the contrast in the scenes with Morgana and those she interacts with and the scenes at Camelot. In the former, everything is usually colourless (or in one case, very very vividly one colour), wearied-looking, and foreboding; in the latter, they're colourful, cheerful, and (more often than not) lively. Of course when trouble sets in at Camelot things change, but generally speaking the contrast is quite clear.

Looking forward to next weekend's episode!
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