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So based on the fact that the new episodes of the animated Young Justice are coming out again, I thought this would be a good time to start watching the series. I'll be commenting on and reviewing the episodes as I watch them.

I've read up a bit about the series and I know some basics that I'll keep under here in case anyone doesn't know and doesn't want to be spoiled ). In the review(s) I do I'll generally use their code names (or abbreviations of them) although I reserve the right to use civilian names too if it feels best at the time of writing :P.

Spoilery moment-by-moment commentary below )

General Roundup:
Interesting first episode (or first part of the pilot). We're slowly beginning to see the personalities of three of the six main characters - I'm looking forward to seeing them learn to work together and learn from each other.

So far? I like Aqualad the best, easily.
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This is from [personal profile] finch's set of questions

Questions 1-13 )

13. Do you have any unique interests on your user profile? What are they? How'd they get there?
:P Yes I do! They are "cassandra lang", "james buchanan "bucky" barnes", "mythquest" and "star wars: x-wing (novels and comics!)".

The first two and the last one are probably there because of the way I've listed them as interests.

Further 'analysis' ).

MythQuest, though. My beautiful, beloved MythQuest. That is truly a unique thing!

It's a Canadian TV series that aired in 2001 for 13 episodes and ended on the biggest unresolved storyline/cliffhanger EVER (IMO). There are no DVDs, even though there are young-reader adaptations of the first four episodes. But it's being posted on YouTube (freakin' FINALLY!) so now I have a place to send people when I rec it.

The story is about two teens, Alex and Cleo Bellows (played by Christopher Jacot (♥) and Meredith Henderson), whose father Matt (Joseph Kell) goes missing. The culprit? A little-known trickster god, Gorgos, who traps Matt inside a computer-based "CyberMuseum" that he'd been developing. Alex and Cleo accidentally discover that they, too, can enter the CyberMuseum - and various world myths - if they touch artefacts on the CyberMuseum's screen. Once they realize they've found a way to get in and out, their goal becomes to find their father and bring him home with them.

Check out a trailer for the series! )

14. Did you have a gateway fandom? Still in it? Why or why not? Is there a community for it on DW?
If 'gateway fandom' means one that led a person to online fandom, then mine is either Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. The first fics read and authors I really followed on wrote in both those fandoms.

I'm still in both of them, yeah, but not as heavily as I was before. I still participate in particular comms related to them over on LJ, but I interact with them via my personal journal because my involvement is from a few years ago, when I wanted to do some fandomy stuff but wasn't sure I wanted or needed a entire separate fandom *journal* yet. Nowadays, fannish things are what this journal and [ profile] ficticons are both for.

I'm not actually sure if they have comms on DW! Worth a look-see, though. Hmm.

15. What's your current obsession? What about it captures your imagination?
Hmm, let's see. The TV series Camelot (from Starz) probably qualifies because I watch each episode soon (read: a few days) after they air. I like it because it is (to me) an interesting new Arthurian adaptation. The actor Peter Mooney, who plays Arthur's foster-brother Kay, is a particular draw. Kay is a great character and I love Peter Mooney's portrayal of him. The actor himself seems really sweet too, from what I can tell from interviews et al. Another male draw is the actor Philip Winchester and the original character he plays, Leontes, both of whom are interesting too.

And the cast has stunning women! Eva Green rocks as Morgan, Arthur's half-sister; Claire Forlani is sterling as Igraine, Arthur's birth mother; Tamsin Edgerton makes a fab Guinevere; and Chipo Chung, Sinead Cusack, and Lara Jean Chorostecki are great as recurring supporting characters Vivien, Sybil, and Bridget respectively.

The other is the Australian drama Sea Patrol. It's about life on a fictional Royal Australian Navy patrol boat, the HMAS Hammersley, and features some big-name Australian talent as well as some newer faces. Season five, SP's last, is on now.

I guess what attracted me to the show was the uniqueness of perspective it offered. I've watched and enjoyed the military-focused JAG, and the naval-themed-in-some-ways Star Trek, so I guess once I saw some SP and discovered I liked the characters, I was hooked.

This show also has and has had some fabulous women in it. Currently the regulars are Lisa McCune as Kate McGregor, the Hammersley's executive officer/second-in-command; Danielle Horvat as Jessica Bird, currently the ship's chef and second medic after starting as a young gap-year seaman; and Tammy McIntosh as Maxine White, head of the fictional NavCom (the organization that Hammersley's crew report to). Past female stars have included Saskia Burmeister as Nikki Caetano, ship's navigator, and Kirsty Lee Allan as Bomber Brown, ship's chef and second medic.

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