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I've written reviews of #1 here and #2 here (second post at that link) and now I'm doing a post with scans!

Sigil is a four-issue limited series, the second of two CrossGen titles (the other being Ruse) to be recently revitalized by Marvel. Since the fourth issue just came out last week, I figured this was as good a time as any to do a post about it. The trade - called Out of Time - comes out in September.

I think there's a fair amount about it that makes it interesting, including the facts that the protagonist is an interesting teenage girl, that it passes the Bechdel test at some points, and that there are pirates (including an awesome lady captain) involved.

What brought it to my attention, however, were two of the names on the cover (by Jelena Djurdjevic) of the first issue - Mike Carey and Leonard Kirk. As a fan of both Carey's work on The Unwritten and Kirk's work on the first Agents of Atlas miniseries, the idea of a collaboration between the two had instant appeal for me. As I found out later, the storyline and art (including some really nice colouring by Guru eFX) would justify my interest.

13 scans from two issues - 7 from #1 (22 pages) and 6 from #2 (20 pages). The images are different sizes because some are taken from previews and some are my own scans.

Note: There are scenes of grieving (a funeral; in the second set of scans) and scenes of bullying (in both sets of scans).

Sigil #1: In which we meet our heroine

The girl on the second page is Sigil's protagonist, 16-year-old Samantha "Sam" Rey.

As she eats breakfast, she mentions a dream she had the night before about what she calls "old-timey dudes and creepy old mansions", attributing the dream to studying too hard for a history test she has that morning.

She sits there for a while, revealing that she's "stopped believing. Not in God. I guess he's out there somewhere. In everything else. I can't make myself think that anything matters" but that she's trying for her father's sake.

In school, Sam is tripped on the way to class. The culprit is tall, tough-talking Tamara Wachowski, Sam's very unwanted nemesis.

One of Sam's friends, Chrissie Burnham, apparently knows about Sam's dreams - she's had them before. Sam mentions that she's "spooked" about them and that she'd rather not go back into therapy.

Just as she starts writing her test, however, she "falls into a trance" (as she tells her teacher later) that makes one hour pass like a few minutes or even seconds (we can't really tell).

While in the "trance" she sees two ships on the high seas, one of them English, firing at each other. There's a man on the deck of one of them brandishing a pendant with a familiar symbol - which, coincidentally, is also CrossGen's logo - on it.

Back in school, Sam's given one chance - the last chance, according to Mr. Cutwell - to retake her test, with new questions, after school. In the next scan, the girl in the blue shirt is Chrissie.

Roberto says "Tamara isn't my girlfriend, but maybe she thinks - " and then leaves with an "uh, listen, I gotta book. See you later."

Shortly afterwards Sam leaves the cafeteria and we see Tamara decide to teach Sam a lesson in "respect" for "drooling all over" Roberto.

Cut to four o'clock. As Sam runs through the hallway in order to get to her detention on time, she's stopped by Tamara and three friends. They grab Sam and proceed to (literally) paint her face blue. As she struggles, a brilliant beam of...light, I guess?...shines out from her birthmark. Tamara and company go flying, dazed.

Once they recover, they chase Sam to the locker room, where she hides. Before Tamara can break the lock and get to her, however, Sam finds herself being transported out of the locker room...

...and onto one of the ships from her "trance". The man with the pendant knows her name and seems delighted to see her...until he realizes that something's wrong.

"...What can I say? I just couldn't wait."

Sam and Woodvine look up to see a group of men - including the one speaking from offscreen in that last panel - hovering in the air just above them, ready to board the El Cazador. The speaker's hands glow, like they're ready to use some sort of fiery magic power, and his men are armed.

#2: In which Captain Sin is awesome. The cover is again by Jelena Djurdjevic.

A quick one-page recap tells us who that man is - 'the dread pirate October'.

Captain Sin provides enough cover for Woodvine - El Cazador's First Mate - to take Sam below deck with him while he looks for the sea chart. He wants to find and destroy it before October and crew can get their hands on it.

He manages to do that and, just as he and Sam are finally found, to give Sam a quick primer on something.

That giant red fist was created by Captain October, who manages to knock Woodvine out. When Sam tries out her own newly-discovered powers on October, they don't have quite the effect she's looking for. Amused, October puts some sort of grasshopper-like creature onto Sam's neck and something about it causes her to pass out.

When she next regains consciousness, she finds herself lying on the deck of the Red Harvest, October's ship. He's lined up El Cazador's crew and is asking them for the location of the treasure they were seeking, knowing that the map is destroyed. Finally, he decides to take Woodvine away for further questioning.

Sam and the rest of the crew that are still alive, including Captain Sin, are thrown (literally in Sam's case!) into the ship's cells.

Shortly afterwards Woodvine - looking severely beat up - is brought in and thrown into Sam's cell. He says that he wasn't able to tell October much since the map was only going to take them to a particular place, and that only Sam's mother - with her "foresight" and reconaissance work - knew how to go on from there.

He gifts Sam his sigil-on-a-chain and, just before succumbing to his wounds, gives her a rather cryptic blessing to lead El Cazador's crew to the "Reina de los angeles. S-seven. Seven trees."

Then one of October's crewmen comes in, saying that Sam's the next person October wants to "see".

Sam: " killed..."
Captain Sin: "Fly, little bird."

With the creature dead, Sam discovers that she's able to teleport out.

However, when she rematerializes, she finds herself somewhere she doesn't want to be - in the past.

The way she wishes herself out of there reminded me of the way Billy Kaplan's powers (seem to) work. :P

Sam then finds herself in the correct time, her present, but still at school and still being looked for by Tamara Wachowski and her cohorts.

She tries to hide, but is discovered due to a voice suddenly emerging from Woodvine's pendant, saying things like "who's using this corridor?" "are you in trouble, bearer?" and "please confirm your theatre".

But as Sam falls, the sigil's power kicks into action again and she ends up splashing into the sea back in 1695. As she surfaces she finds herself near the Red Harvest again. Muttering "Okay, here we go. Hard as diamond" to herself, she makes her way to the ship.

Part two coming soon!
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