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Please don't take your backing musicians - your regular pianist and the backing band and/or orchestra that appear whenever you need more instrumental accompaniment than what Puck or Sam or Finn can do with guitars and/or drums - for granted. They're more than "just furniture"*. They shouldn't be invisible (they're certainly not inaudible!) and they should count.

Be proud of all your musicians. All of them. A little appreciation for the various "band geeks" and "orchestra geeks" can't hurt.

I'm speaking as a person who has been both a choir (although not a show choir) and concert band member - at the same time - while in high school. While the music departments at my schools never faced the difficulties McKinley's does (thank goodness we never had a Sue Sylvester!), I think this is a fairly important issue.

Thank you.

Note to the producers:
Yes this is a show about the kids of the show choir, but you could at least make what references you make to the other musicians at McKinley a little less flippant, you know? I'm not sure if they all have to travel to competition together or if the competition venue provides its own accompanists, but you know what? If a theme of the show really is "the power of music to bring people together", then it'd be nice to be appreciative of the instrumentalists as well.

* Slight spoiler for 'Rumours' )


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