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ROY! :D After the events of the last episode, I was wondering if the mysterious shadowy Arrow we see here would be Artemis, but it’s nice to see Roy too.

I LOVE that he booby-trapped the area where his rental boat was. I love it. :D

Hmmm. >.< that “Hello, Megan” was NOT needed there. :S

LOL at poor Wally being stuck in class (he’s in tenth grade) while the rest of the team are able to enjoy a day at the beach. LOL.

But what’s not cool, IMO, are those shots of M'gann in the water. See my General Roundup for reasons why.

Oh LOL at Wally’s desire to hit the beach...only to find himself stumbling into an introduction.


Roy’s “number” is B 06. Dick’s, in the last episode, was B 04 IIRC.

Roy: “Well for starters, he doesn’t go by ‘Speedy’ any more. Call me ‘Red Arrow’.”
Ollie: “Roy! You look...”
Roy: “Replaceable.”
Ollie: “It’s not like that. You told me you were going solo!”
Roy: “So why waste time finding a sub? Can she even *use* that bow??”
Artemis: “Yes, *she* can.”
Wally: “Who *are* you?”
Artemis and Ollie (together) : “His/My niece.”
Dick: “Another niece?”
Kaldur (to Roy): “But she is *not* your replacement. We always wanted you on the team, and we have no quota on archers.”
Roy’s officially “Red Arrow” now :)

Wait, did Dick say “*another* niece”? Does that mean the possibility of Mia existing is still open? :D
-- (later) Oh wait. He probably means another Leaguer’s niece, i.e. a reference to M’gann. Hmm. Still.

The scientist from the opening is called Sterling Roquette. She’s a nanotech and claytronics expert from Star City.

Dick: “Whoa! You want us to rescue her from the Shadows?”
Wally (with a fistbump to Dick): “Hardcore.”
Roy: “I already rescued her.”

Sounds like Artemis is quite experienced already - she knows what the League of Shadows tends to prefer to do. I wonder where she’d been all the time Roy was with Ollie.

And she's NOT going to put up with Wally’s silliness! Good to know.

Ollie (about Sterling): “Then let’s you and I keep her that way.” (safe from the League of Shadows)
Roy: “You and I? Don’t you want to take your new *protégé?”
*Batman puts an arm on Ollie’s shoulder*
Ollie: “You brought this to the team. It’s their mission – which means it’s hers now too.”
Roy: “Pff. Then my job is done.”
Oh, Roy :|. I love that Ollie tries to reach out to him, though. Love it.

M’gann’s telepathic linking really is like Bob Grayson (of the Agents of Atlas)’s. :D

I like how Artemis decides to take her annoyance out of the room with Roquette and AL. She knows she needs to cool off – good mature attitude there.

How does Robin know it was Artemis’ arrow that saved KF last ep? Hmm. She probably showed the YJers who were at headquarters her arrows before KF stumbled in.

Happy Harbour’s in Rhode Island.

I wonder if that’s Ra’s al Ghul there, considering who the “League of Shadows” are apparently meant to be.

M’gann: “You embarrassed Superboy!”
Artemis: “didn’t hear him say that.”
M’gann: “Must you challenge everyone?”
Artemis: “Where I come from, that’s how you survive.”
Hmmmm. Please let the situation that’s probably brewing between M’gann, Kon, Wally, and Artemis not go on too long! D:

On the other hand, where *did* Artemis come from? I wonder if she’s a shady link Ollie has to the League of Shadows. Sort of like Ollie/Shado (or Roy/Cheshire) in the comics, only not as explicitly because Ollie’s Artemis’ uncle, not her father. She *did* know what a League of Shadows MO would be like...

I wonder why M’gann didn’t feel Wally “going off the grid” earlier? But i guess the point was to be quiet...and she’s not empathic, is she?...and so her real understanding that something was wrong only came when he didn’t respond to AL’s call for help.

I like M’gann’s positivity. XD

Aqualad (to KF and Artemis): “Stop it, both of you.”
KF (and Artemis): “What??”
Aqualad: “I can hear you glaring.”
XD <3 you tell them, Kaldur. :D

Oooooh! I wonder what Artemis and Cheshire’s story is! Intriguing.

Hmm. Not sure what to make of Wally being a “souvenir” collector, though. I wonder if it’ll be a plot point later.

Good to see that the boys are being more welcoming of Artemis than they were of M’gann initially. I like character development.

Ooooh! Artemis isn’t Ollie’s niece, and Roy knows! Fascinating. Still, he’s willing to go along with GA and Bats on this one.

The League of Shadows is working for the Light! (That's so weird to type, every time. I'm used to "the Light" being more or less the "good" side from my being in the Dark is Rising fandom!)

Oh, I hope Artemis isn’t the Light’s inside-info source as it’s being set up to be! D:

General Roundup:
Finally, finally, we meet the team's last permanent member - Artemis. I like her already - she's no-nonsense, experienced, and competent. In that way she's like Aqualad, who is proving to be a good leader for the team - who are now, much more than before, starting to behave like one.

I like the look at one of the team members' civilian life - and a certain humour aspect that's used in that scene is done very well - and the introduction of some more DCU characters (villains and civilians). We also see that one character who appeared briefly in episodes one and three isn't out of the story completely - and I think that's great. There's also a nice sense of forward movement in terms of the plot being hatched by the shadowy enemy.

I'm not keen on the new angle to the "romantic" part of the overall plot, however. But again, I believe that a lot will ride on how the situation is resolved.

And the following shots of M'gann - which panned upwards in the animation - really pulled me out of the scene they were in, because my first thought when I saw them was WTF.


They were completely unneeded, unwanted, and took away my interest in an otherwise really good set of scenes.

And there wasn't even any need for it. The following scenes, that came earlier, were fine as they were and got the message (these kids are having fun in the water) across too.


Thankfully the rest of the episode was much better - enough for me to say that overall, I thought this was an interesting and engaging episode. Note to the creators: just leave out stuff like that one unnecessary bit with M'gann at the beach and we're absolutely golden.
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