Oct. 4th, 2011

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Merlin is back! :D

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General Roundup:
Great first episode! There's something here for everyone - drama, horror, friendship, family - and those who like a bit of all will be pleased with this episode, I think.

I love the interactions between the characters, which shows evidence of having changed during the interval between the last season and this one. There are some nice light-hearted moments - and some genuinely touching ones - in the midst of all the drama and confusion.

I also love the contrast in the scenes with Morgana and those she interacts with and the scenes at Camelot. In the former, everything is usually colourless (or in one case, very very vividly one colour), wearied-looking, and foreboding; in the latter, they're colourful, cheerful, and (more often than not) lively. Of course when trouble sets in at Camelot things change, but generally speaking the contrast is quite clear.

Looking forward to next weekend's episode!
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General Roundup:
Interesting episode.

We get to see a bit more of M'gann's mental abilities, including what happens when she goes up against someone with telepathic powers of their own. We're also given another (albeit slight) hint about Artemis' background - there's something about her father (whom we didn't see last episode) that she doesn't want the other YJers to know about.

Kaldur doesn't do much this episode, but that's understandable given the situation he's put in.

And the plot that the series villains have been making since episode one continues to develop.
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