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Yeah new episode! :)

Hmm. The episode starts with someone narrating part of the "prodigal son" story.

We see that it's a man in a white lab coat…and it turns out to be Red Tornado's creator!

He’s got Tornado's voice box offline but vision and brain still working D:

...and as he moves away from the table Tornado’s on, we can see that poor Tornado's been disassembled! D:

At Mount Justice, we see that Wally *has* seriously injured his arm. It's in a cast. We also see that Captain Marvel's being nice to him and Wally’s taking full advantage of it.

Meanwhile, the rest of the YJers are practicing their sparring. We see Artemis take Dick down and Kaldur and M'gann in the middle of a round.

Dinah! YES to her getting a larger speaking role. I hope she’s a significant guest-star in this.

Dinah: "It’s been a really productive week."
Artemis: "Yeah, for everyone except Kid Malingerer over there."
Wally (indignant): "Hey, arm broken in combat againts the Injustice League, here?"
Dinah (with a laugh and shake of her head): "I’ve enjoyed being your…den mother this week."
♥ I love that last line from Dinah - she’d have had practice already, with Roy! :D

Zatara’s entry/ID/code number is 11.

He’s just let in his daughter, Zatanna! :D her temporary code is A03.

She looks like she’s dressed in a school uniform.

M'gann (coming towards her): "Hi, I'm…"
Robin (interrupting): "Robin!" *in a lower pitch* "I mean *I'm* Robin."

He introduces the others – and Kaldur is the one who adds 'welcome to the Cave'.

Robin: "So are…are you joining the team?"
Zatara: "Let's not get ahead of ourselves. This is…strictly a visit."

Zatanna: "Are…you guys having a psychic conversation? 'Cause…I can't decide if that’s cool…or really rude."
I'd go with the latter, Zee. And they were being really obvious about it too, with their looks and *particularly* hand gestures that were very obviously accompanying words. Wally and Kon are particular offenders here – I think Dick and Artemis were the only ones who didn’t move at all; or if they did, it was just to change where they were looking when they "'spoke".

That gets Dinah's and Zatara's attentions. Kon admits what they were doing and the team confront Dinah about the situation with finding Tornado. Dinah says that Batman has made it a League priority.

Tornado's creator is called T.O. Morrow.

Dinah: "Tornado is Justice League. The team is NOT to pursue this."

Zatara suggests that they take Zatanna on a tour of the Cave.

The kids use that as a chance to get away from Dinah and Zatara, and Kon sends Captain Marvel out with Wolf, saying they'll join in shortly.

Zatanna: "We're not really taking a tour, are we?"
Kon: "No. We’re hunting down that robot."
*looks at Kaldur*
Kaldur: "Yes, we are."
Zatanna: "Oh wow, out loud and everything." (XD)
Um, Kon, what? Didn't Dinah just say *don't* pursue the Tornado case? And WTF Kaldur agreeing with Mr. AngryAngsty (all of a sudden) Kon?

Also, did Kaldur's voice change between the 'yes' and the 'we are'? The former was a lot gruffer than the other words.

Artemis: "What about new girl?" (:S at the language…that was you not too long ago, Artemis)
Robin: "I'm sure she won't tell."
Zatanna: "I *can't* tell…not if you kidnap me."
Artemis: "Oh she's going to fit in great." (:D)

Hmm. So the bioship can just 'create' as many seats as needed? Because now Zatanna has one, near Artemis, in the front of the ship.

XD at Captain Marvel trying to get Wolf to play fetch…when all Wolf is interested in is the plate of natchos.

Dinah (to Zatara): "They’re good kids, Giovanni…trustworthy."
But then she shows she's not so sure about what she just told him! She probably doesn't believe M'gann's line about them taking Zatanna around Happy Harbour. I wonder…did Dinah tell them not to pursue the case specifically so that they would? I doubt it, but it’s a tiny possibility.

LOL at everyone looking at Wally for 'a really stupid idea'.

Ah, looks like we’re getting Tornado's origin here. But look at the expression on Morrow's assistant's face XD
'A brilliant scientist' invented a robot 'superhero' – who'd think he was a human – to infiltrate and destroy the Justice Society of America (JSA). But unfortunately, 'Red Torpedo' never really quite fit in because his 'think you are human' programming was crude. The scientist tried again and this time, 'Firebrand' was born…but her heroic programming was *really* strong and she ended up taking a shot meant for Jay Garrick, the JSA’s Flash. The scientist's third idea – to have a robot hero who *knew* he was a robot – worked. Tornado was quickly accepted into the JSA…but his heroic tendencies (and his desire to be human) won out over his 'destroy the JSA' orders and he betrayed the scientist.

As part of the story, we see a nice picture of the JSA in this 'verse! Sandman, Alan Scott Green Lantern, Doctor Fate (:D), the Flash, and Wildcat.

Huh. The kids go to Belle Reve to see Ivo – the person behind Mister Twister? – who is Morrow's competitor in the android business.

And actually, Wally, going to look for him wasn't a silly idea at all. Quite logical, actually.

Okay SERIOUSLY WTF Kaldur. "Do what you must"? In this context?

LOL at the others' surprise at Zee’s abilities XD
but I’m not sure Zee should have done that. Didn’t Zatara teach/warn her against using magic for 'personal gain'? (Or does it not matter if it's 'for the mission'?) Yeah, I’m using the wording from ‘Charmed', but the concept should surely also be a fairly straightforward magic-users-in-general one...if anything like it exists in this 'verse (and the DCU).

Hmm. I wonder if any of them realized that Strange might be watching their actions. Bigger question, though – where did Amanda Waller get to?

'Firebrand' has been renamed 'Red Inferno'

And the ‘Red’ family have a new member – Red Volcano. He won’t bother infiltrating the heroes – he'll just attack them (by using Tornado's downloaded memories). D:

Whoa. Red Volcano just destroyed Morrow – who turned out to be a machine himself! And by creating him without any concern for humanity, Morrow basically set up his own fate – except I didn't realize that *he* could have been an android also. Interesting.
Also, this scene reminded me strongly of M-11's original origin – without a specific part he needed, he'd just go on and on following any order given to him ad infinitum…and at the end of the story that order (given via a stolen radio) was 'kill the man in the room' who at the time was the inventor who'd been working on him and refused to hand him over without the required part. Then M-11 left, the implication there being that he’d continue to 'kill men in rooms'…. Creepy creepy stuff, but also brilliantly reworked by Jeff Parker in his use of M-11 for the Agents of Atlas stories.

Robin: "Look, I'm trying to be all…nonchalant here…"
Zatanna: "Why? Be as 'chalant' as you like."
:| Okay. Really? Really?

Kon: "I'm way past ready to stuff Tornado into a trash compactor."
Kaldur: "Are you so certain he betrayed us?"
Kon: "Aren't you??"
Kaldur: "I am not convinced. And even so, it makes him but a victim of his creator's programming. Certainly he deserves the chance to prove he’s more than the weapon others designed him to be."
Go Kaldur! That's exactly right. And I'm glad that Kon took the hint.

But what exactly did Morrow do to Tornado, and what will happen now that Volcano's around? I hope Tornado's original programming – the heroic one – is still the strongest!

Morrow's name is Thomas and Ivo's is Anthony.

Notice how Tornado's not speaking – is that his voice box still off? – but did he somehow get a message across to M'gann that this is all for show?

Maneuver seven! :D

Wait, how is Wally allowed into battle with that arm?

He did leave them a message! :D Yay Tornado! :D …

…but I have to wonder, how did the YJers see it without being at a height? Even M'gann wasn't in the air at the time. Can he send her a mental message?

Volcano: "You stand no chance against me, humans."
Kon and M'gann: "We're not humans!"
XD Love that.

Zatanna (after blinding Volcano with a spell): "Tornado never knew my moves."
Robin: "And I bet you’ve got some good ones!"
*quick pause*
Robin: "Whoa, sorry, that may have come off a little too Wally."
Zatanna (with a smile): "Heh…I don't mind."

D: Firebrand and Torpedo! Kon manages to save Tornado but not the others.

The team realize that Tornado was not the mole and that he went with Torpedo and Firebrand to protect the YJers from further attack…and to find his creator.

They also realize that he volunteered to be their ‘den mother’ so that *he* could learn from *them* (with his AI programming designed to "learn, adapt, evolve")…apart from his stated reasons (the 'pragmatic' ones), which are that he does not need sleep or have a 'secret identity' to maintain/preserve.
M'gann: "Hello, Megan! You wanted to become more human."
Artemis: "And you couldn’t do that with the League. They’re *stiffs*." (XD)
Robin: "You’re sure not going to learn emotion from Batman. Heh – trust me." (XD)
Kaldur: Then the cave was not a proving ground only for us – but for you as well."
Tornado: "I do not know if these statements are accurate, but perhaps…they are true. And I if understand the term correctly, I believe I have come to…*care* about you all."
Love all of this. And Dick, if you think *your* Bats is bad, you should see him in some of the other portrayals he's had! :P

Tornado goes to see the real Thomas Morrow, an old man now. He’s in a hospital and being looked after by his assistant.

Robin: "So…good kidnapping?"
Zatanna: "Actually…yeah. Best ever."
Robin (with a grin): "First of many, I hope."
Zatanna: "*If* my dad doesn’t ground me for life…"

Cut to Mount Justice…where Zatara is saying he’ll do just that(!) and adding that Zatanna will never join this team. Interesting look Dinah's got on her face there.

I wonder – did it really take the League (or Dinah and Zatara) all evening to figure out what the YJers were up to? Or again, were they *allowed* to finish the mission for some reason? I hope we see the consequences of this.

Captain Marvel: "Are they coming out to play or what?"
LOL. Poor guy!

General Roundup:
Good episode.

We get a new female guest star (very de-aged, but then so are a lot of the characters in this series), another female hero in a recurring role with more screen/voice time (and she's voiced by the same person who voices Black Widow on The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes(!)), a brief look at legacy characters, an interesting backstory for another recurring character, and some nice thoughts on the meaning of humanity and heroism.

One slight downside for me: Kon is rather annoyingly grumpy/angry for a good part of this episode. Part of me understood his reasoning, but part of me got tired of it really fast and was glad when Kaldur pointedly gave him something to think about - and when he appeared to realize that something he'd been thinking was wrong.
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