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I've written reviews of #1 here and #2 here (second post at that link) and now I'm doing a post with scans!

Sigil is a four-issue limited series, the second of two CrossGen titles (the other being Ruse) to be recently revitalized by Marvel. Since the fourth issue just came out last week, I figured this was as good a time as any to do a post about it. The trade - called Out of Time - comes out in September.

I think there's a fair amount about it that makes it interesting, including the facts that the protagonist is an interesting teenage girl, that it passes the Bechdel test at some points, and that there are pirates (including an awesome lady captain) involved.

What brought it to my attention, however, were two of the names on the cover (by Jelena Djurdjevic) of the first issue - Mike Carey and Leonard Kirk. As a fan of both Carey's work on The Unwritten and Kirk's work on the first Agents of Atlas miniseries, the idea of a collaboration between the two had instant appeal for me. As I found out later, the storyline and art (including some really nice colouring by Guru eFX) would justify my interest.

13 scans from two issues - 7 from #1 (22 pages) and 6 from #2 (20 pages). The images are different sizes because some are taken from previews and some are my own scans.

Note: There are scenes of grieving (a funeral; in the second set of scans) and scenes of bullying (in both sets of scans).

Sigil #1: In which we meet our heroine )

Sigil #2: In which Captain Sin is awesome )

Part two coming soon!
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In which things get more difficult for our young heroes. Six scans under the cut.

Oh 'How the Mighty Fall' )
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20 icons of Ensign Hoshi Sato, Communications Officer of the starship Enterprise NX-01, from the TV show Star Trek: Enterprise.

Made for Round 23 of the contest at [ profile] startrek20in20.


Breaking a Vulcan encryption code would be easier than this )
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Please don't take your backing musicians - your regular pianist and the backing band and/or orchestra that appear whenever you need more instrumental accompaniment than what Puck or Sam or Finn can do with guitars and/or drums - for granted. They're more than "just furniture"*. They shouldn't be invisible (they're certainly not inaudible!) and they should count.

Be proud of all your musicians. All of them. A little appreciation for the various "band geeks" and "orchestra geeks" can't hurt.

I'm speaking as a person who has been both a choir (although not a show choir) and concert band member - at the same time - while in high school. While the music departments at my schools never faced the difficulties McKinley's does (thank goodness we never had a Sue Sylvester!), I think this is a fairly important issue.

Thank you.

Note to the producers:
Yes this is a show about the kids of the show choir, but you could at least make what references you make to the other musicians at McKinley a little less flippant, you know? I'm not sure if they all have to travel to competition together or if the competition venue provides its own accompanists, but you know what? If a theme of the show really is "the power of music to bring people together", then it'd be nice to be appreciative of the instrumentalists as well.

* Slight spoiler for 'Rumours' )
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Three Weeks for Dreamwidth has been a fascinating experience. It really got me posting on DW like never before!

With that in mind, I think I'll keep it up until the end of the month (i.e. for another two weeks) because I came in so late to the fest. After that's over I'll start crossposting more, and more regularly too.

So here's what I did for the fest.

Firstly, there was the Ten Tasks for Dreamwidth Challenge. I did three of them:
- Task seven (leaving a comment at two different comms)
- Task nine (make one post and leave one comment), and
- Task ten (make a post about the other tasks you completed).

I saw task eight, "speak up about a comm that could do with more posts, then read through the comments and see if you can comment at a comm someone else mentioned", but I couldn't think up one because I'm not on DW or in its comms much. In hindsight, I guess I could have recced [community profile] fic_promptly, which could do with more fills for the myriad of prompts (and more prompts are always welcome, of course).

Then I started doing [personal profile] finch's 21 days meme. I'm still doing it, three questions at a time. When I finish it, I'll put links to each part here.

Then I made some posts just to add contributions that weren't part of the Ten Tasks challenge. FYI: these links go to the full entries, without the DW cuts. Be warned: some of them are long!

First up: a fic for Camelot: "Solitary", Sybil and Morgan, Gen, 779 words.

Then there were three (this I am pleased with!) comic reviews.
Teen Titans #93
Teen Titans #94
Sigil #2

Overall, not too bad.
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Sigil #2 (of 4) - Mike Carey (story), Leonard Kirk (pencils, pages 1-15 & 20), Patrick Olliffe (pencils, pages 16-19), Ed Tadeo (inks), Guru EFX (colours), and Rob Steen (letters). The cover is by Jelena Djurdjevic.

Spoilery summary ahead as this issue kicks off with a lot of action )

My thoughts:
This is a good issue! Things continue to get interesting. There's good world-building and we learn a bit more about how "magic" (for lack of a better term) works in this universe.

Sam now has an important, if still somewhat cryptic, "mission" and at least some of the things she needs to work on it...but she still has the school bullies to deal with as well. She's also slowly growing in confidence, both concerning the magical elements of her story and with her enemies at school. We're also shown another glimpse of her non-school non-Sigil-related life through a flashback.

I like that this comic is still passing the Bechdel test and that it does a somewhat better job in this issue than in the last one. In this issue, not only do Sam and Captain Sin (who is the definition of kick-ass) have a brief conversation about survival in difficult situations, but it's evident that Sam really takes the Captain's words to heart. As she gathers her courage for the task ahead (just before the "To be continued" on the last page), she repeats something that the Captain told her earlier for (as I read it) strength and comfort.

I still like the art (seriously can't go wrong with Leonard Kirk pencils!) and I feel I should once again point out the great colouring. Patrick Olliffe also draws some of the pages and his work fits nicely in with Kirk's so that the reader isn't drawn out of the drama of the story. Upon closer study one can see the differences, but they aren't big enough to attract my attention in a negative way.

Overall? Good writing, good art = [personal profile] ficticons keeps reading (if she can still find the money for comics, but that's another subject :P).
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Teen Titans #94 ("The Power of Myth") - J. T. Krul [writer], Nicola Scott [penciller], Doug Hazlewood [inker], Carlos M. Mangual [letterer], and Jason Wright [colourist]. The cover is by Scott and Hazlewood with Wright.

Click for a spoilery summary )

My thoughts:
This was an interesting issue. It had good setup for what's to come next.

Kiran continues to be interesting. She seems to fit in nicely with this group of Teen Titans apart from one thing that's not really her fault ). I expect it'll be a plot point in one of the next three issues in this arc. I like her response to something Rose says, and I like that she does seem genuinely, and very, pleased that Tim knows what he does about the Ramayana (and that she's able to express that pleasure with a quip).

And good for Tim for knowing that, too, although I wouldn't be surprised that reading up on the world's great stories is something done as part of training (at least; if not for pleasure) by someone who takes being part of the Batfamily the way that Tim does. In fact, I'm somewhat amused at the thought that he's probably read more advanced translations/different versions than I have! :P

The story of the Ramayana as I know it isn't quite like what Krul describes, but I suppose he's using what he can of the epic that suits his own needs, like I'm fairly sure other writers have done with other mythologies. Examples ) Anyway, a little online searching and looking through another version I have at home, to learn more about the source, was I think good for me.

The Raven/Gar relationship, though. It's clearly strained here - and Tim mentions it in the last issue - and I wonder if I don't really understand why because I haven't read any of the TT titles prior to this (well, if you don't count an old copy of the first issue of the current volume, read about six years after it first came out). I find myself wishing that Gar's focus wasn't so particularly "Raven above all else" when he's around her. 'Course, his awkwardness leading to unintendended insensitivity leading to anger from Raven isn't great either. But let's see...apparently issue #96 is going to be a spotlight on him. I just hope it's better than the last Gar-focused issue I read! :|

Looking forward to the next chapter.
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This is from [personal profile] finch's set of questions

Questions 1-13 )

13. Do you have any unique interests on your user profile? What are they? How'd they get there?
:P Yes I do! They are "cassandra lang", "james buchanan "bucky" barnes", "mythquest" and "star wars: x-wing (novels and comics!)".

The first two and the last one are probably there because of the way I've listed them as interests.

Further 'analysis' ).

MythQuest, though. My beautiful, beloved MythQuest. That is truly a unique thing!

It's a Canadian TV series that aired in 2001 for 13 episodes and ended on the biggest unresolved storyline/cliffhanger EVER (IMO). There are no DVDs, even though there are young-reader adaptations of the first four episodes. But it's being posted on YouTube (freakin' FINALLY!) so now I have a place to send people when I rec it.

The story is about two teens, Alex and Cleo Bellows (played by Christopher Jacot (♥) and Meredith Henderson), whose father Matt (Joseph Kell) goes missing. The culprit? A little-known trickster god, Gorgos, who traps Matt inside a computer-based "CyberMuseum" that he'd been developing. Alex and Cleo accidentally discover that they, too, can enter the CyberMuseum - and various world myths - if they touch artefacts on the CyberMuseum's screen. Once they realize they've found a way to get in and out, their goal becomes to find their father and bring him home with them.

Check out a trailer for the series! )

14. Did you have a gateway fandom? Still in it? Why or why not? Is there a community for it on DW?
If 'gateway fandom' means one that led a person to online fandom, then mine is either Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. The first fics read and authors I really followed on wrote in both those fandoms.

I'm still in both of them, yeah, but not as heavily as I was before. I still participate in particular comms related to them over on LJ, but I interact with them via my personal journal because my involvement is from a few years ago, when I wanted to do some fandomy stuff but wasn't sure I wanted or needed a entire separate fandom *journal* yet. Nowadays, fannish things are what this journal and [ profile] ficticons are both for.

I'm not actually sure if they have comms on DW! Worth a look-see, though. Hmm.

15. What's your current obsession? What about it captures your imagination?
Hmm, let's see. The TV series Camelot (from Starz) probably qualifies because I watch each episode soon (read: a few days) after they air. I like it because it is (to me) an interesting new Arthurian adaptation. The actor Peter Mooney, who plays Arthur's foster-brother Kay, is a particular draw. Kay is a great character and I love Peter Mooney's portrayal of him. The actor himself seems really sweet too, from what I can tell from interviews et al. Another male draw is the actor Philip Winchester and the original character he plays, Leontes, both of whom are interesting too.

And the cast has stunning women! Eva Green rocks as Morgan, Arthur's half-sister; Claire Forlani is sterling as Igraine, Arthur's birth mother; Tamsin Edgerton makes a fab Guinevere; and Chipo Chung, Sinead Cusack, and Lara Jean Chorostecki are great as recurring supporting characters Vivien, Sybil, and Bridget respectively.

The other is the Australian drama Sea Patrol. It's about life on a fictional Royal Australian Navy patrol boat, the HMAS Hammersley, and features some big-name Australian talent as well as some newer faces. Season five, SP's last, is on now.

I guess what attracted me to the show was the uniqueness of perspective it offered. I've watched and enjoyed the military-focused JAG, and the naval-themed-in-some-ways Star Trek, so I guess once I saw some SP and discovered I liked the characters, I was hooked.

This show also has and has had some fabulous women in it. Currently the regulars are Lisa McCune as Kate McGregor, the Hammersley's executive officer/second-in-command; Danielle Horvat as Jessica Bird, currently the ship's chef and second medic after starting as a young gap-year seaman; and Tammy McIntosh as Maxine White, head of the fictional NavCom (the organization that Hammersley's crew report to). Past female stars have included Saskia Burmeister as Nikki Caetano, ship's navigator, and Kirsty Lee Allan as Bomber Brown, ship's chef and second medic.

the other questions )
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I found out today, via the tumblr of former Marvel Comics editor/currently independent (?editor/)writer Nate Cosby, that he had some new information to share about his latest project - a 100-page hardback called "Jim Henson's The Storyteller", due out from Archaia Comics in September this year.

He's put four pieces of work-in-progress interior art from the book online. Here are two of them )

The other two (a piece by Jennifer Meyer for a story by Marjorie Liu and a piece by Tom Fowler for a story by Jeff Parker) are at this post on Cosby's tumblr. He's also hinted that he might put up the book's cover art (which he describes as "GORGEOUS") soon.
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I've been meaning for a while now to say that this is [personal profile] finch's set of questions

Questions 1-6 )

10. Tell me about your default icon.
:D At the moment, it's a textless image of Karl Urban blowing on a pair of (sun?)glasses on a sort of faded pink background. It was made by [ profile] umbrellas_can and I think it's sexy :D. Plus Karl Urban is just great anyway!

11. What features do you think Dreamwidth should have that it doesn't currently?
Mmm, perhaps an image-hosting feature so I don't have to depend so heavily on my LJ scrapbook. But it's not too much of a hassle and DW *has* been brilliant in terms of everything else that I've needed, so not having this feature doesn't really trouble me.

12. What do you consider the five most "telling" interests from the list on your profile? Why?
Ooh, good question. I'll get back to this question later, because it'll probably take a bit of thinking.

the other questions )
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Questions 1-6 )

7. What is your favorite community on Dreamwidth?
Probably [community profile] scans_daily. As I mentioned in one of the earlier questions, they're the reason I'm here. In addition, reading the original site was what brought me back into the comics fandom, and in a much bigger way than I've ever really experienced it before. So hurray for s_d! :)

I must say that I do like [community profile] fic_promptly and [community profile] writethisfanfic as well, however. My first published fic here at DW was the result of a [community profile] fic_promptly prompt, and I like to read the WIP check-in posts at [community profile] writethisfanfic sometimes, even though I haven't yet signed up for one of their monthly WIP challenges, because there may be useful resources in the comments or in the main body of the post. In fact, I believe that comm was what led me to [ profile] fic_rush, where I have found fun, encouragement, and a sense of "I have to work on a piece of writing today because it's Fic Rush" that has actually resulted in at least one finished (and posted) piece.

8. What community do you wish was more active?
Probably the two Camelot comms here, [community profile] ynis_witrin and [community profile] camelotfans. [community profile] sd_volunteers has been quiet for a long time too, but I think that's more or less a good thing because it means that there aren't any problems that need fixing.

9. Are there two people on your reading list that you think should meet?
:P Considering the size and make-up of my reading list, not really. ;)

the other questions )
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Questions 1-3 )

4. What do you do online when you're not on DW?
Well, when I turn on my computer in the mornings I usually check a couple of bookmarked sites for updates. Then (or concurrently, depending on pure chance) I check my email, sometimes following that with a look at Facebook.

Other times (when I'm just browsing/wasting time (which one it is is situation-dependent, of course), I read the various filters on my LJ flist, watch videos on YouTube or other places (usually looking for a particular show or clip, though), check particular fansites for two shows that I like (Sea Patrol [] and Camelot []) to see if they've been updated, and check the tumblrs that I follow (usually every evening; I do this despite not having a tumblr myself).

And that's all I can think of for the moment.

5. How about when you're not on the computer?
If I'm not in the office then I'm probably watching TV, trying to figure out what to do with my room (it goes from 'clean' to 'WTF wait where did all this junk come from?' in an almost cyclical pattern), or reading. This is of course in addition to meals and sleep.

6. What do you wish people who read your journal knew about you?
The first thing that comes to mind is that while I'm willing to discuss fannish things, I'm very private about RL things. If I do say anything about RL stuff, it's probably going to be very general or very vaguely worded.

Apart from that there's really nothing. I think most of what I want people to know is on my profile page either here or at [ profile] ficticons.

the other questions )
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Something else that I've been meaning to do (apart from fic and icons) is to write monthly reviews of the comics that I read (when I buy monthly or, alternatively, when I finish a trade). Here's one review for a comic that came out in March - the second of three I read that month. The first review was for the new revival of the CrossGen title Sigil (link goes to LJ, where the post includes a lengthy plot synopsis (and therefore spoilers)) and it is something I wrote before 3WFDW started.

But for today, I've got a review of DC Comics' Teen Titans #93 (subtitled "Step into the Light") by J. T. Krul [writer], Nicola Scott [penciller], Doug Hazlewood [inker], Sal Cipriano [letterer], and Jason Wright [colourist]. The cover was by Scott and Hazlewood with Wright.

I decided to start reading this title from this issue (and possibly stick with it at least for the first arc) for two reasons: the introduction of a new teen heroine who happens to be from India (like me, although that's where our similarities end, beyond the fact that she has powers and I don't) and because this seemed like a good place to jump in to the Teen Titans title, which I've been meaning to check out for a while anyway.

Click for the review )

My thoughts:
It looks good so far! I like Kiran, and I'm glad to be reading a book where I can get a regular dose of Rose (a character I'm intrigued about) as well as the other TT whom I'm not very familiar with, Bart and Kon. I've read quite a bit about Cassie, Raven, and Gar already, so I feel I know more about them and Tim, who is often in the Bat-stories that I read.

Other thoughts )

Overall? Interesting stuff. I'm willing to keep reading this title to see where this story goes and to see more of Kiran, her parents, and Helena.
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1. Why did you sign up for Dreamwidth?
Honestly? To follow [community profile] scans_daily. I'd started following them on LJ, went with them to IJ briefly, and now I'm here.

Read more... )

2. Why did you choose your journal name?
This journal has the same name as my fandom journal on LJ - [ profile] ficticons. It's an amalgam of 'fiction' and 'icons' - the two main things that I wanted that journal - and now this one - for.

3. Do you crosspost? Why or why not?
Sometimes. Looking at my crossposts to LJ, I see that the last time I did it was in August last year. I guess what I wanted was to have the content that I originally posted here more easily accessible to me when I was logged in to LJ (which probably means it was before I changed my settings so that I'm always logged on to DW on my PC). I do have an icon post that is worded exactly the same both here and on LJ, though - I guess I forgot to add the crosspost tag from here, or I posted there first and here later.

the other questions )
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Title: Solitary
Fandom: Camelot (Starz)
Characters and/or pairings: Sybil, Morgan, OFC (in the story only briefly)
Rating: G
Length: 779 words
Disclaimer )
Summary: Sybil thinks about Morgan while they're both still at the nunnery.

'But I am telling the truth, Sister Sarah!' )

AN: This fic was the result of this prompt posted by [profile] elwing_alycone in [community profile] fic_promptly.
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First icon post to this journal!


I've got another one already in the works and ideas for others, but for the moment here are 23 icons of James "Jimmy" Woo, the awesome young Chinese-American head of the mysterious Atlas Foundation and the leader of the superhero team known (only to us, not in-(Marvel)-universe AFAIK) as the Agents of Atlas.

Made for the [community profile] notgreenorblue challenge using the prompt "Jimmy Woo - Attitude".

A few points:
- The icons are free for the taking.
- Please credit me if you take/use any. Comments (including concrit) would be much appreciated but are not needed.
- The textless icons here may not be used as bases.

That's the Jimmy Woo I remember )
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For [personal profile] blackruzsa on scans_daily, who requested any of a series of moments mentioned in an article entitled "The Balut in a Superhero's Underpants".

It says that "[i]f the Americans have their Easter Eggs, we Filipinos have our Balut Eggs. (Okay, I just made up that term, but it seems appropriate anyway.) Balut Eggs are those moments when Filipinos (or something Pinoy) suddenly pops up in foreign movies, TV shows, novels, and comic books."

It goes on to list several of those moments that appear in American comic books. I was intrigued by one of them - in Marvel Comics’ “Agents of Atlas,” Mt. Pinatubo erupts again and Sentry flies in just in time to rescue a damaged Phivolcs helicopter - so I went to do a little digging and to my surprise, I found I had it.

Three and approximately 3/4ths scans from Dark Reign Agents of Atlas #1 )
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Jimmy Woo and the other Agents of Atlas, while clearly a group of "good guys" (at least to us readers!), have occasionally used the fact that the Atlas Foundation was formerly an evil empire to their advantage.

Below, in two full pages and one panel from the eight-page Agents of Atlas story "The Heist" in Dark Reign: New Nation, they break into Fort Knox (very publicly) and make off with a large amount of solid gold bullion. Their aim is to figure out who was behind a plan to buy weapons without the inconvenience of getting Congress approval first.

Jimmy Woo's 3-Step Plan to Break into a Heavily Guarded Facility While Posing as a Villain )

Of course, they've also been on the receiving end - particularly at the hands of Jimmy's once-girlfriend and current (during the particular story arc) nemesis, Suwan a.k.a the Jade Claw. She is the head of the Great Wall, an offshoot and rival of Jimmy's Atlas Foundation. After constantly pounding at Atlas' door (commandeering their communications channels (twice) and causing the saucer heavy damage in a firefight), she decides to enjoy herself a little - on a personal level - during another fight.

Truly this is Shangri-La for me. To feel sensual pleasure while my forces overcome my purest bliss. )

So there they are: the Agents as heroes both playing *at* being villains and being played *by* villains. I love their versatility and I miss them.


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