May. 11th, 2011

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7. What is your favorite community on Dreamwidth?
Probably [community profile] scans_daily. As I mentioned in one of the earlier questions, they're the reason I'm here. In addition, reading the original site was what brought me back into the comics fandom, and in a much bigger way than I've ever really experienced it before. So hurray for s_d! :)

I must say that I do like [community profile] fic_promptly and [community profile] writethisfanfic as well, however. My first published fic here at DW was the result of a [community profile] fic_promptly prompt, and I like to read the WIP check-in posts at [community profile] writethisfanfic sometimes, even though I haven't yet signed up for one of their monthly WIP challenges, because there may be useful resources in the comments or in the main body of the post. In fact, I believe that comm was what led me to [ profile] fic_rush, where I have found fun, encouragement, and a sense of "I have to work on a piece of writing today because it's Fic Rush" that has actually resulted in at least one finished (and posted) piece.

8. What community do you wish was more active?
Probably the two Camelot comms here, [community profile] ynis_witrin and [community profile] camelotfans. [community profile] sd_volunteers has been quiet for a long time too, but I think that's more or less a good thing because it means that there aren't any problems that need fixing.

9. Are there two people on your reading list that you think should meet?
:P Considering the size and make-up of my reading list, not really. ;)

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