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So based on the fact that the new episodes of the animated Young Justice are coming out again, I thought this would be a good time to start watching the series. I'll be commenting on and reviewing the episodes as I watch them.

I've read up a bit about the series and I know some basics : the main cast are Robin (Dick Grayson, apparently, although in very Tim-Drake-esque costume and colours), Kid Flash (Wally West), Aqualad (Kaldur'ahm, a new character created for the show), Miss Martian (M'gann M'orzz), and Artemis (Artemis Crock). In the review(s) I do I'll generally use their code names (or abbreviations of them) although I reserve the right to use civilian names too if it feels best at the time of writing :P.

Hmm, so why don't Aqualad's villain (a female whose name I don't know) and Kid Flash’s villain (Captain Cold, whom I recognize as a cold-themed Flash villain) get to talk? Mr. Freeze and the Arrows' cold-themed villain talked plenty.

Look how deadly serious Speedy is! “Don’t call us sidekicks. Not after today.”

Robin is a little...not-excited, isn’t he? Hmm.

“Hey, there’s Batman!” “There’s Flash and Flash Junior!” “Isn’t that Speedy?” “Speedy’s Green Arrow’s sidekick.” “Well that doesn’t make any sense...”
:D Love the commentary by the crowd!

Look, there's a statue of Diana standing there at the entrance to the Hall of Justice! Why oh why isn’t there a Wonder Girl here in the group? :S (yeah, rights, but still...damn it would have been awesome for Donna or Cassie to be here. I hope the rumblings that I read - IIRC, of course - that the rights have now been given are true!)

Robin and Kid Flash are friends! Or at least, they seem that way from the high-five they gave each other.

Hmm, interesting (new?) J’onn J'onzz (Martian Manhunter) design.

"You now have unlimited access to our gym, fully-stocked galley, and of course, the library.”
:D love the priorities there, J’onn.

Interesting to note what the Hall of Justice security system "says" as it scans each JL-er. Batman, the first to be scanned, isn't given a number. Neither is Red Tornado, the last to be scanned. Aquaman is 6, Flash is 4, Green Arrow is 8, and Martian Manhunter is 7.

I wonder if Batman's no-number means he's number 1, with Superman as 2 and Wonder Woman as 3 (or the other way around?). Unless - and I like this idea better! - Bats, Supes, and Wondy don't have numbers at all since they're all equal founding members and the "numbering" starts with Flash at 4.

Oooh, Roy! D: How seriously was he looking forward to this anyway? To walk out on Ollie Queen (Green Arrow) like that must have been a big deal for him. He looks older than the others, too.

Hmm, I wonder why they have that public gallery. What do the public get out of watching the heroes watch TV or do research? I’m assuming they can’t hear what’s being said by the heroes inside. Roy’s right about “it doesn’t matter which side of the glass we’re on.”

Interesting that Ollie doesn’t keep Roy’s civilian ID secret.

Although...perhaps Roy's being a bit childish here? Flying off the handle is not the best way to deal with the situation, surely. He can’t demand respect in that way and expect to get it. Especially not with that crowd of JL-ers.

Cameo by John Zatara! I wonder if we’ll get to see Zatanna and Zachary later.

Flash: "You’re not trained..."
Kid Flash: "Since when?"

Wait. Who’s you-know-who? Superboy? Or Miss Martian?

Aqualad's in an interesting situation. With him, we have someone who’s not just a partner, but a subject. His relationship with Aquaman is probably very different, entirely on principle, from the other boys' relationships to their mentors.

"Same system as the Batcave.”
Oh dear, Bruce, that was not the best idea, was it? Why didn’t you rig up a new one? But then I guess he didn’t count on Robin breaking in to the JL systems. Still, if “always prepared” is his motto...hmmm.

Yeah, KF and Robin do have something there.

Robin, who is meant to be Dick in this cartoon, is reading a bit like Tim here. But I do like the idea of Dick being competent with tech as well - I mean, being Robin *can't* just be about acrobatics and quips these days, can it?

Diverting a little to talk about the comics-verse, the idea above about being at least competent with tech is similar to my idea that you need some mathematical training (basic accounting?) if you're a Wayne heir who is going to have *any* dealings with the Wayne Enterprise businesses. I remember getting a little annoyed with some recent comic issue - one of the pre reboot Batman and Robin issues, I think - where Dick said something along the lines of "math isn't my strong point". It's not mine either, personally, so I can sympathize...but I'm not the ward of a multibillionaire or someone who can reasonably be expected to know how to deal with finances of a major business group.

And now, back to the show.

Okay, wait. Why aren't the lives of the people inside the Cadmus building a priority for the firefighters there?

Fireman: "It's what’s-his-name! Flash Boy!"
Wally: "Kid Flash! Why is that so hard?"

Okay, I like Aqualad. His focus is on the people, where it should be.

Surely, Robin, investigating can wait once the building is secure and you know, fire-safe? Doing the work for “poetic justice” is perhaps not the (most mature) thing to do at the moment.

I also like Aqualad’s tech.

Hmm, looks like Robin *really* got an upgrade! But again, in this place and modern-day setting, I guess it’s needed. And besides, if Batman is known for anything more than his detective work it's for his (utility belt) tools/tech, right?

I like that Aqualad’s barefoot. As a water-based superhero, I don't think he'd really see the need for boots...and perhaps Aquaman hasn’t told him yet how beneficial they just might be. Although...perhaps they aren't, in his case!

LOL at Robin's security-override progress indicators! XD He's definitely a fairly young person here.

Mmm. Who is Guardian, I wonder? And who is Desmond? Clearly someone not above scrupulous methods...did he just use his “genome” to get Guardian to change his mind about taking his “genome” along to investigate the security breach?

Also, it’s always stupid to ignore any sort of potential security breach. :S

I love that Aqualad made the connection between the mythical Cadmus (whom I hadn’t heard of, since I just know it from the Superman mythos - something to look up!) and the Project Cadmus.

Ah, so Guardian is a hero. He's known to the boys.

And his "genome" *is* a way for him to stay under the control of Desmond, I guess. Or whomever is running the project really. Might explain why he’s there.

Robin (to Kid Flash): "At least he got your name right."

This plot is a bit like Attack of the Clones, isn’t it? A secret army being bred for a mystery client? I wonder if Lex Luthor is the person behind the project...after all, Kon (as I'll call Superboy even if it's not quite his name here) is part-Lex part-Clark in the comics.

Robin is really the impulsive one here, even if it’s being played like KF is. He’s the one who wants to keep on investigating. AL isn’t so sure.

“Project Kr”...I wonder if that’s “Kryptonian” (thinking “Kryptonite” earlier but that is Kon, after all). Probably.

Yeaaaaah – what happend, Aqualad? Why *not* wait for the League to get there before freeing Superboy? Did you really think the extra hours/days would have made that big a difference? And what about what *kind* of education he’d been being given, huh? These boys just don’t think ahead much.

Interesting to see the order the boys were taken down – Kid Flash, Robin, and finally Aqualad. Aqualad looks and sounds older than both of them, too – he is probably more Roy’s age. Dick and Wally are certainly the younger people in this group. Both are impulsive enough to be considered “rash youngsters”...I wonder what their ages are.

General Roundup:
Interesting first episode (or first part of the pilot). We're slowly beginning to see the personalities of three of the six main characters - I'm looking forward to seeing them learn to work together and learn from each other.

So far? I like Aqualad the best, easily.
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