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And with this, I'm all caught up on YJ! :D

Northern India! :D Hurray.

That’s a pretty pretty depiction. And it’s believable, too – there is land (and more than one tiger :P) up there!

Ooh. If this were a Marvel-Universe cartoon, and a different part of the world, that primate with a gun could have been Ken! He’s the one I thought of first, anyway.

Hell-o John Stewart! :D

I love J’onn petting the Sphere like it’s a pet XD

The entire League are at the Mount.

*Ollie puts down a bowl…of pretzels?*
Wally: “Thanks – but no thanks.”
Dick: “Yeah. What we want are answers – about Red Tornado and his siblings.”
Wally: “Exactly.”
*Ollie makes to remove the bowl*
Wally: “Leave the bowl.”

Surprised they’re going with the “siblings” theory for Tornado, though. Didn’t he say he didn’t have relations? Or do they not believe him any more about that?

Ooh, Kon’s listening in to Kaldur and Bats!

Yeeah, that went about as well as it did in that issue from the original Agents of Atlas miniseries where a private conversation Jimmy had with Derek about a possible mole on that team is revealed. :S

Kon: “You knew? That android and his maniac family nearly killed M’gann!”
M’gann (flying in): “Conner what are you doing?”
Kon: “Kaldur knew we had a traitor among us and said nothing!”
Dick: “You knew?”
Wally: “And didn’t tell us?”
Kaldur: “I sought to protect the team.”
Artemis: “Protect us from what, knowledge that might have saved our lives?”

LOL at Captain Marvel’s enthusiasm at being the team's first supervisor out of a rotating group. ♥

DOUBLE LOL at “Gotham mayor attacked by Guerilla Gorilla”

Gotham’s Mayor is called “Hill”.

Batman: “I *never* joke about the mission.”
XD There’s grimBats!

Wally (to Kaldur): “Huh. Your team.”
>.< Yes that’s right, Wally, Kaldur’s team. He’s the leader, it’s *his* team...

...but good for Kaldur for not either looking sad/out of sorts or expressing more anger than he did right there.

WTF Dick and Wally? You’re both being really silly. And you came together, insisted on staying together, because you happened to find and were able to resolve the Project Cadmus stuff, not anything deeper. >.<

Aqualad frowns at the departing Wally and Dick. Captain Marvel frowns at him.

Kon (grabbing M’gann’s arm): “Come on, I’ll keep you safe.”
M’gann (shrugging it off, annoyed): “You’re my boyfriend, Conner, not my keeper. Stop behaving like a character from a 70s sitcom.”
♥ ATTA GIRL, M’gann! You tell him.

Kon (to M’gann): “I…just want to protect you.”
Artemis: “Like Aqualad protected us? I’m not sure protection –… ” *pokes SB with her bow* “…or your patronizing – is good for our health.”
She goes off with M’gann, after which Kon speaks angrily to poor Kaldur before leaping off himself.

Captain Marvel: “Umm…did I miss the part where…you actually *said* what the plan was?”

Yeah, Kon, way to really be stealthy there :(

Aaand…yeah. We see that Kaldur *is* affected by what just happened between him and his teammates, but he’s being quiet and thoughtful about it.

Whoa. Those are some elephants!

Hmm. Many different animals have been affected, it appears – by Kobra venom. I *thought* those sort of gashes on the elephants’ trunks looked familiar.

Nice display of power, M’gann.

Hey, ditto for you, Wally! I like your strategy of climbing up the tree and then jumping on the bird to try and knock it off its flight path.

Oh-oh, Kon’s been scratched! I wonder if the Kobra venom will start to affect him too.

Hmm. I’m surprised no one else thought to get rid of the collars. Or was it only Kaldur who was able to stay still enough to figure out that getting rid of them could be an answer?

Captain M: “…you let everyone split up before the communications was set.”
Kaldur: “They would not listen!”
Captain M: “I guess. But…back at the cave, Batman stopped everyone from arguing with one word.”
Kaldur: “That’s because Batman is…Batman.”
True! XD ♥

Hmm. Looks like Kaldur’s going to take a hardler-line “*I* am the leader” attitude with the YJers from now on.
Kaldur: “Batman *takes* command – he has to, for the good of the League.”

Ah, so Miss Martian did notice the collars. They’re similar to the ones from Belle Reve.

:S to Captain Marvel going off like that after the tiger. And apparently Kaldur knows that Captain M’s speed comes from Mercury…that makes me wonder exactly how much about each superhero *is* known to his/her colleagues (and by extension the YJers).

And also the general public. What do they know about their heroes?

Aand Cap just walked into a trap. :/

Kaldur: “Miss Martian, I need a telepathic linkup with the entire team, *now*.”
M’gann: “Link established.”

M’gann: “Superboy, are you online or just pouting?”
Kon: “Busy, call back later.”

Is it just me, or does M’gann seem to be on Kaldur’s side more than the rest? M’gann, who was pretty seriously in danger of losing her life last episode? It says a lot about her character, doesn’t it.

I wonder how they all thought Kaldur would put up with their arguing about him…while he can hear it too in his head? :S

Confirmation yet again that Wally and Dick have known each other for years. Wally says so.

Kaldur shows that he’s taken Captain Marvel’s sort-of suggestion to heart.
Kaldur: “Enough! Captain Marvel has been captured and we need to act as a *team* to save him.”
Wally: “Ha, under *your* leadership? I don’t think…”
Kaldur: “This is not up for debate. You all chose me to lead – when the mission is over, if you wish to select a new leader I will *happily* step down. But until that time, I *am* in command here.”
♥ ♥ ♥

Ooh. Shady villain with a French accent!

The “gorilla-man” of this episode is called “Monsieur Mallah”.

I like Dick and Artemis helping each other out there :)

Villain (a Brain): “I heard you have the courage of Achilles. Perhaps you should have asked for his invulnerability instead, non?”

Nice entrance there, YJers!

Wally: “It’s the Brain!”
Artemis: “Ugh, I can see it’s a brain.”
Wally: “Not *a* Brain, *the* Brain!”
The Brain: “In the flesh…so to speak.”
Great dialogue.

Nice display of teamwork there! I particularly like Artemis and Dick’s partnership.

Brain: “No, Mallah, this will not be our Waterloo.” XD

Wally: “Wait. That big weapon thing was…a light switch?”
XD I agree, Wally! A bit anticlimactic for you all, huh? :P

Artemis: “What are you grinning about?”
Wally: “One word: Souvenir!”
Artemis: “Two words: Gorilla lice!”
Wally (pulling M. Mallah's beret off hastily): “Ugh! Oh, man!”

Captain M. can apparently understand animals!

Kon’s keeping the white wolf as a pet!

Kon: “M’gann, I’m sorry. I was just…worried.”
M’gann: “And that’s sweet, Conner…but on a mission, I’m your teammate – not your girlfriend. Agreed?”
Kon (half-heartedly?): “Yeah.”
Again, good for you, M’gann. :)

Wally (about the wolf): “Well, he’s gonna need a name. How about ‘Krypto’?”
Kon: “Pass.”
M’gann: “Besides, isn’t that taken?”

Artemis reacts strongly to Aqualad’s reveal that the “tip” about the mole came from Sportsmaster.

The team are able to see sense in Kaldur’s actions and, when he says that he is still prepared to step down, they all – including Robin, whom he looks to particularly – vote to keep him on. :D

Captain Marvel takes off without the team. Hmmm.

LOL. Kon’s new wolf friend is probably going to be called just “wolf”.

Later that night, Captain Marvel lands in Fawcett City. He tells an old man, who’s up waiting for him, that the YJers are much more fun than the League! Love that.

He takes a cookie from a jar and is walking away when the older man asks if he’s forgetting something. Cap grins, says “Shazam!” and…turns into a young boy named Billy (Batson! :D). The old man is his Uncle Dudley.

I love that look at another actually-quite-young hero! I wonder if Bats knows his secret…and if Billy's sister Mary (and cousin Freddy Freeman?) will show up at all.

General Roundup:
Pretty good episode.

When a secret Kaldur's been keeping is revealed, the team shows signs of disunity again...but Kaldur keeps his cool for most of the time and fortunately has someone (in another great greater-DCU cameo!) to give him some advice when he really needs it. I really like the strength of his character!

M'gann also shows that she's no pushover when Superboy starts to patronize her - and she generally does it rather well. I like her character too - also in relation to how she handles the crisis surrounding Kaldur.

Two more villains are introduced and then leave, with no indication that they were working for the Light - although items from past episodes appear again.
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