Oct. 11th, 2011

ficticons: Venus, from the Marvel Comic Agents of Atlas, jumping for joy. (venus yay)
And with this, I'm all caught up on YJ! :D

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General Roundup:
Pretty good episode.

When a secret Kaldur's been keeping is revealed, the team shows signs of disunity again...but Kaldur keeps his cool for most of the time and fortunately has someone (in another great greater-DCU cameo!) to give him some advice when he really needs it. I really like the strength of his character!

M'gann also shows that she's no pushover when Superboy starts to patronize her - and she generally does it rather well. I like her character too - also in relation to how she handles the crisis surrounding Kaldur.

Two more villains are introduced and then leave, with no indication that they were working for the Light - although items from past episodes appear again.
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