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The episode begins with M’gann thinking in Martian (or whatever the language of Mars is called). :D That's a lovely way to set up her feeling of loneliness – even we the viewer don’t know what’s going on and can’t relate to her.

Whoa. Creepy bit with Superboy trying to attack her! D: and creepier since she doesn’t remember him or why she’s there and because he doesn’t seem to remember her either.

Robin: “Those are Bialyan Republican Army uniforms. So what are Bialyans doing in uh...Bialya? Okay, better question – what am *I* doing in Bialya?”
:D love it. That’s what we want to know too, Dick!

Ooh. He sees the Super-symbol and is instantly suspicious. I wonder what he remembers.

Artemis: “Seen Kid Flash on the news. He doesn’t wear black.”
KF (looking briefly at his outfit): “Yeah...little unclear about that myself. What about you? Green Arrow fixation?”
Artemis (looking in surprise at her costume): “Who put me in this?”
KF: “Wow, I am not touching that with a ten, do you know how to use that bow?”
Artemis: “Yeah. My dad taught me. Dad! *He* must have done this. Another of his stupid tests.”
KF: “What kind of tests?”
Artemis: “He probably wants me to kill you.”
XD and I love Wally’s eyes here. How expressive they are!

Also, the first indication that Artemis’ father could be a villain/bad guy.

LOL at Wally – making all those ridiculous ‘sugar’ and ‘hot’ jokes – in M’gann’s memories.

But Kaldur is conspicuous by his absence. I wonder where he is.

I love seeing Artemis’ athleticism.

Wally carries something - food, energy capsules of some sort? - along with him to keep up his Speed-Force-enhanced metabolism. Interesting to know, and it makes sense.

Artemis: “Did you just hear a girl talking in your head?”
Wally: “Girls are always on my mind! But they’re not usually talking.”
:D XD ♥

M’gann, Wally, and Artemis have now met up again.

Annnnd hello villain of this piece! A telepath.

Aaaand there’s Kaldur! D: Unconscious behind a sand dune.

Bialya is ruled by a Queen – and she wants the YJers alive.

So, Wally and Dick *did* know each other before Young Justice. Good thing, too!
Robin: “KF! Good to see a familiar face.”
KF: “Memory loss?”
Robin: “Six months! Let’s hog-tie these creeps and compare notes.”

Bialya is a rogue state ruled by Queen Bee. O-kay. It’s also not under the Justice League’s UN charter.

And again, Kaldur’s not at the briefing. If he’d been there, would they have remembered him? Or is he not there because they don’t remember him (since they don’t remember being a team at all)? But M’gann should remember all of them!

Notice how M’gann asks before she enters the YJer’s minds this time.

There’s definitely something that Artemis doesn’t want to tell the YJers about herself. “Only the last six months, and only what you need,” she tells M’gann.

They'd landed in the desert in Qurac, a state that neighbours Bialya.

Aha. There’s Aqualad.

LOL at Wally and Artemis quickly letting go of each other’s hands.

D: at M’gann flying off to help Superboy without waiting to make a plan, including who's going to do what. Kaldur and Kon both need attention!

Whoa! Mysterious villain alien. A telepathic alien.

“Camouflage is not invisible” Kaldur tells M’gann in a flashback. I wonder why she didn’t remember *that* part earlier? :S

Kaldur's fevered/dehydrated murmurings are in Atlantean, the same way M'gann's were in Martian. I like that.

Wally: "Hey, you never said why your dad would want you to..." *runs a finger across his throat ""
Artemis: "I,...some old movie I saw the other night? About a ninja girl dad ordered her to...kill her ninja boyfriend 'cause...he was from a rival ninja...clan."
Wally: "So...I'm your ninja boyfriend, huh?"
Artemis: "Hey - *amnesia*, remember? Completely forgot how *truly* annoying you are."
Wally: "Oh, like you're the goddess of congeniality!"
Dick (coming back from having slipped off): "Yeesh! Get a room."

Those are some rather Toon-Titans-Starfire-like mental starbolts you've got there, M'gann. :)

Superboy: “You’re strong, and I’m stubborn. We can do this together.”

Superboy: “Can I keep it?”

M'gann: "Hello Megan! Aqualad's memories! I knew I forgot something."
KF: "Aw man, me too! I don't have a souvenir from the mission!"
M’gann: "Don’t worry – got the souvenir thing covered."
XD at the alien 'sphere' coming with M'gann and Kon!

And the ending shows us that the telepathic alien - Simon? - was working for the Light too! The disturbance that Batman detected in the Bialyan desert – the whole reason the YJers were there in the first place – was them testing a way to get sophisticated tech to Earth.

General Roundup:
Interesting episode.

We get to see a bit more of M'gann's mental abilities, including what happens when she goes up against someone with telepathic powers of their own. We're also given another (albeit slight) hint about Artemis' background - there's something about her father (whom we didn't see last episode) that she doesn't want the other YJers to know about.

Kaldur doesn't do much this episode, but that's understandable given the situation he's put in.

And the plot that the series villains have been making since episode one continues to develop.
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