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A team that I love dearly is coming back to comics...

Secret Wars 1-shot cover.jpg


An oppressive domain run by BARON ZEMO!
• The peoples’ only hope? An underground group of rebels… GORILLA-MAN! M-11! NAMORA! VENUS! MARVEL BOY!
• But their leader JIMMY WOO…captured!
Can AGENT COULSON help save the resistance or will he lead them to their doom?
40 PGS./ One-Shot/Rated T+ …$4.99

The solicit says 40 pages, but from an interview Tom Taylor gave Newsarama and other sources, it seems like that should actually be 30.

From the Newsarama interview:

Taylor: [P]eople are constantly monitored and forced to work to almost breaking point. Any who refuse to work, or don’t work hard enough, are taken and experimented on. ... No one stands against the tyrannical rule of Zemo. Despite S.H.I.E.L.D. policing the city under Director Coulson, no one stands for the people... except the Agents of Atlas.

Nrama: How do the Agents and their secretive nature mesh with the events of Secret Wars?

Taylor: In a city with eyes and cameras everywhere, the Agents have managed to stay completely hidden from the all-reaching, all-seeing Baron Zemo. They’re effectively an underground freedom-fighting force for an oppressed people. And Jimmy Woo and his team have been very effective. But now...Jimmy is missing.

I like the sound of the Agents as a team of hidden freedom fighters. And I like the one page of preview art!


More from the interview:

Nrama: What's the feel you're going to have with this story? The Agents of Atlas series with Jeff Parker from a few years back, varied from issue to issue from spy to superhero elements, but what are you wanting to nail down thematically for this?

Taylor: I wanted a pretty even mix of spy and superhero elements. There’s a little bit of heist, some rescuing, and some old-fashioned superhero punching big things until they explode. We obviously can’t show everything that makes the Agents of Atlas such a good team in a one-shot but we wanted to remind people exactly why this team should make a return in the Marvel Universe.

I like all that even better...and it makes me very, very glad that I'm going to have access to a comic shop - which I don't have now - in October. :D
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