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Cat Grant! Super-book character cameo ahoy. :)

North Rhelasia and South Rhelasia. Really? I wonder what real-world countries those could *possibly* represent. XD :P

Roy! Rocking those sunglasses, too. ♥

Roy: "I need access to the Justice League's database - and the exact height of the League of Shadows assassin known as Cheshire."
Kaldur: "Checking...Cheshire is 1.67 meters."
Roy: "Um..."
Kaldur (amused?): "She is 5'6''...and exceptionally dangerous. Do you require backup?"
Roy: "Please. The last thing I need is the Junior Justice League."
Kaldur: “Only our computer.”
Check and check again, Kaldur. Roy wants your resources but he doesn’t really want to work with you.

How did Roy get so close to the site of an international conference with that *very* thinly hidden bow?

Huh. Is keeping his civilian identity not something important to Roy in this ‘verse? Otherwise I wonder what his cover story will be.

Good to see some competent security people. Chesh’s surrounded.

Well, hello Earth-16 Lex!

The “preview clip” in the theme music shows us Roy visiting Cheshire in prison! Does this mean there could be a relationship forming there? Could Lian exist in this verse at all?

Lex: “Gentlemen, gentlemen – shall we attempt some smiles for the cameras?”

Loving Superboy’s new “pet” :D

“The first day of the scholastic season?” Happy Harbour must have quite a different school year than Central City, then, because Wally’s already started.

It's nice to see Kaldur at the Mount. It makes sense that he’s not away in school – he has no reason to be in one on the surface, after all. Dick, Wally, and Artemis, though, need to be in their respective towns in their civilian IDs.

J’onn: “I chose the name John Jones for myself, and suggested John Smith for Red Tornado. Perhaps you could be a John too...?”
Superboy (with a scowl): “Pass.”

J’onn’s human persona is a black man, whereas M’gann’s is a white girl. Interesting. I'm not sure how consistent J’onn’s is with the comics-verse (how often does he have a "human" look anyway, particularly these days (well, pre-New 52?)) but M’gann’s is more or less the same as (not sure if her hair’s different) her Teen Titans appearances.

Hmm, interesting that Superboy went with “Conner” because M’gann suggested it. I wonder what she’d been watching or reading that it was her favourite name?

But why would she think that the “Kent” as a last name – particularly considering J’onn’s tone of voice when he suggested it, and knowing SB’s Superman issues – came from Kent “Dr. Fate” Nelson? How commonly known outside the main Justice League is Superman’s alternate ID?

SB: “Shouldn’t I be “Conner Nelson?”
XD Yes! Way to pick up on that, Kon!

Cheshire: “...Hey, where are your little sidekick friends? They’re always fun to play with, especially Art..chery Girl. I like her.”
Red Arrow: “She...they...aren’t in my league.”
Cheshire: “And you think you’re in mine? Where’s Green Arrow when you really need him?”
RA: “I don’t.”
Cheshire: “Are you sure about that?”

Sportsmaster! So he’s in the League of Shadows too. Interesting.

Hmm, interesting emergency-landing contingency plan Roy’s got there. I wonder what that sticky red stuff is.

I think I like Roy in this series :D

Oooh, so *now* we’re seeing Ra’s – and that’s unmistakably him. So who was the old man in “Infiltrator”?

Ra’s is Cheshire’s master...and the one who hired her for the hit on Lex and/or the Rhelasians.

And he’s good. He knew Roy was there and watching him!

Sportsmaster: “I hear you go by “Red Arrow” now. Heh! More like ‘Broken Arrow’”

Marvin? As in was-once-in-the-Teen-Titans Marvin? Marvin and Wendy the Wonder Twins Marvin? (edit: Not quite. This character is Marvin White, a character from the Super Friends cartoon and comic(s).)

Aw, look at Kon’s reaction to everyone wearing superhero shirts! Maybe next time you won’t pick a black shirt with a red S-symbol as your hero gear, sweetie. :D

Yup, definitely Wonder Twin That's definitely Super Friends Marvin from earlier. Here’s his friend (not sibling) Wendy Harris! :D (picture via the DC Wikia))

The guy that Kon looked down was Mal Duncan.

“The Bumblebees” are the school’s cheerleaders. :P I wonder if that’s going to be an inspiration for this girl:

who could well be a reference to/become the Teen Titan (edit: and Doom Patrol member!) Bumblebee... (edit: yup. Credits confirm she’s Karen Beecher all right :D)

Red Arrow: “It’s me. I in over my head.”
XD ♥. Now the question is, who is he talking to? Lex or Kaldur?

It was Kaldur! :D Although I wonder how he got to Taipei without M’gann’s bioship. Unless it's not just M'gann who can pilot it...

Loving the team-up and Aqualad’s awesome display of power.

LOL at poor Kon’s tumble down the bleachers. XD

Ha, love the reversal of expectations with Wendy and the other Bumblebees.

♥ M’gann’s joy at being accepted as a cheerleader.

WTF panty shot of Cheshire?

Still loving the water-shaping sorcery. Nicely done, Aqualad.

Whoa. Robot Mercy Graves!

Lex: “Gives new meaning to the “arms race”, doesn’t it?”

Red Arrow: “They owe *him* their lives???”
:( my thoughts exactly, Roy.

Yay for Aqualad’s investigative role! I hope he does it well. (Jimmy Woo would understand your situation well, Kaldur!)

AL: "One moment, my friend. Tonight, you could have called Green Arrow for help, or the Justice League. Instead, your first instinct was to call the Cave."
RA: "You’re right. The team respect. I’m still getting used to this solo act stuff, but if you need me, I’ll be there."
And then they shake on it. Love it! Roy-Kaldur can be a great great friendship (although I gotta say, Kaldur, I don’t think Roy'd be at all inclined to call Ollie).

Ooooh. Ra’s was working with Lex! And both are working for the Light! 0.0 I wonder if the League of Shadows knows that their leader is working for the Light...because by extension, so are they.

General Roundup:
Very interesting episode.

In the A-story, we meet some well-known DCU villains for the first time, see others from earlier episodes return, and see a fascinating relationship begin to form. Also, the series villains make their mark again - but this time in a much more subtle way.

I also like the B-story of this episode for what it does with the "daily lives" of M'gann and Superboy (who gets a 'civilian' name finally!) and the other young DCU characters (and potential heroes!) it introduces us to.

Among the heroes there's a nice team-up, a friendship that I thought had potential earlier is solidified (much to my delight), and the seed for an interesting plot development concerning the YJers is sown.

All in all, good stuff.
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