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Hey, Bruce is in Metropolis!

OMG the secret-button-under-the-bust! <3 Thank you YJ show creators – that’s an awesome shout-out to the old Batman TV series. :D

Superboy: “ could help me figure that out.”
Awww! Look, Clark, Superboy really wants to do some good here! Help him out!

Interesting that Bruce is the one to call Clark out on his dickish behaviour. But it makes sense in a way too – Bruce has Dick whereas Clark has no one until he suddenly discovers Kon (I’m gonna call him that until the show gives him a name). He’s got experience with having a young protégé. Clark's got no experience of having a sidekick, much less a young clone.

Although I wonder if Clark has told Lois – assuming they’re dating/together in this ‘verse – about Kon at all. Hmm.

I wonder how far Happy Harbour is from Metropolis.

Aw! The difference between Clark’s attitude to Kon, and J’onn’s to M’gann – and Kon’s feelings about them – could not be clearer here. Poor Kon :S

Dinah! :D With her own speaking role! :D Note to self: I need to write that Dinah-and-Roy fic set shortly after the first and third episodes.

I love Dinah’s voice.

“Batman to the Cave”? LOL. Although I suppose “Batman to the Mount” would have been wierd...although “Batman to Mount Justice” would have been fine. Unless he was trying to not make it evident – in case their comm lines get hacked or something – that the Mountain is being used again.

Kon’s being really sensitive today! I think he picked up on Bats saying “good guess, but no” to Dick. And also, complimentary-as-appropriate Bats is awesome.

Boston, huh? I guess it shows that I’ve been thinking a lot about the Wonders recently because when I saw that I thought hey, that’s where Julia and Vanessa Kapatelis live! :P

The teams are M’gann + Kaldur + Wally and Dick + Kon.

I love Dick acknowledging Dinah’s struggle as a hero. Of course he and Bats would relate! This kinda makes me wish Roy was more his and Wally’s age so that they could have all known each other. Roy, from his earlier appearances, doesn’t seem to be as close to Dick and Wally as they could easily be to each other.

*sigh* at Wally’s ridiculous flirting.

Interesting “Battle Mode” their bikes seem to have! I wonder what people would make of clearly underage heroes driving, though.

Kon looks like he’s got Clark’s early powerset. Leaping far (but not yet flying), anyone?

Interesting to note that Dick’s become more of a team player here. :)

The parts are being taken to Gotham City! Now Dick has reason to be worried and I like the sudden indication of that that we get in his voice.

Ivo – another person to look up.

I'm not so keen on Dick's way of breaking up words. “Definitely a ‘disaster’, heavy on the ‘dis’”...and he was talking about “aster” being the opposite of “dis”-aster earlier. He’s done that before and it’s not particularly...great, I guess...needed? Relevant? Anyway it’s not something I particularly want.

“Apple pie” and “devil’s food [cake]” – brilliant brilliant choices of dessert that say so much about the personalities of the men ordering them! :D

The android – which can take on the qualities of all the league members – is called “Amazo”.

Kon crashed into a schoolroom! I instantly wondered if it’d be Helena “Huntress” Bertinelli’s :P

Aaaaand sending Amazo after Kon is probably going to be Ivo’s big flaw this episode. The YJers will find him quickly and easily if there’s a big brawl going on!

0.0 okay then! Not Helena’s school, but Dick’s. Good to see he’s got a life beyond crimefighting/training.

A Superman fan-person in Gotham? XD that’s hilarious. In a good way.

An arrow! :D Ollie? Or COULD IT BE ARTEMIS???

Finally Kon figures out a way to break Amazo’s success streak. Wally doesn’t see it at first, but Dick does. Could be a nice World’s Finest friendship forming there :)

Batman: “Kryptonians, as you know, have very hard heads”.
Humour? Check. Love it. I like this Batman.

Batman: “Of course, there’s no shame in asking for help. That’s why the League exists – because there are some problems even *we* can’t handle individually. ”

Dick *really* doesn’t like the whole “babysitting” concept, huh?

I love how that arrow that helped the YJers is clearly distinct from Ollie’s. I sure hope it means Artemis! :D But of course, the kids jump to the conclusion that it’s Roy...but Ollie and Bruce aren’t so sure. What’s Artemis’ secret and her tie to Ollie, I wonder.

Kon (with a cough): “I’m ready.”
Dinah: “Good, because I’m here.”
<3. Interesting to see a potential bond between Dinah and Kon forming as well. She’s already proving to be a good mentor, and her line to Kon about “being here” is so different from Clark’s attitude that it’s *got* to have some impact on Kon.

General Roundup:
Interesting episode. The team is slowly coming together.

Superboy is the focus here and while it seems like he may have only one gripe, it's a pretty valid one. His attitude doesn't help the situation the team find themselves in but at least he seems to see that - and want to change? - by the end of the episode.

We also get another appearance - and a spoken one, this time! :D - from a person important to the kids' further development. This person has lot to teach these kids about combat - and they'll also probably be important for Superboy's personal development. That has the potential to be a great.

We also get a hint at the arrival of the last member of the team! That should be fun to watch.
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