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Continuing to the second half of the pilot. The characters are mostly referred by abbreviations of their hero names.

How much mind control is SB really under? I like that he’s trying to talk to R, KF, and AL.

Hmm. Interesting mysterious villains there, “the light”.

Desmond: "See, you’re not a *real* boy – you’re a weapon, and you belong to me."
D: okay Desmond, going down. Seriously. D:

Hmm, that female scientist has a “genome” on her too. I wonder how many people are there at Cadmus working against their will? Or at least against their will at some bits?

Dubbilex (sp?) – I think I recognize that name as a superman villain character. Interesting!

I love that AL is the one who thinks of contacting SB telepathically. I also like that he gives SB the choice – boy or weapon, doesn’t matter – but what would Supes do?

(paraphrased) Superboy: "Hmm. I don’t have heat vision, so I suppose you."
<3 fabulous.

Ah, Robin! :D I love that your concern is Batman. Seriously, KF, I’m with you on the “the whole league’s gonna be after us!”

Robin: "I’ll get Kid Mouth"

SB is good. If he’s not taking orders from Cadmus, he’s not taking orders from the YJers either.

I like that AL thanks him, and that he acknowledges it. Great stuff.

Did SB say “you won’t escape” or “you all escape” there? I wonder.

I’m surprised the kids don’t know that it’s earth’s sun that gives Superman his powers, and that SB isn’t “charged” yet (since I’m assuming that’s what the problem is). Maybe it’s not common knowledge for Clark’s sake? IDK.

Why didn’t KF think that the ventilator shaft could be an escape route? Why’d it take Robin to point that out?

I wonder what “Project Blockbuster” is, now. Hmm.

I wonder what Dubbilex would have done if Bats, Supes, GA and the rest had shown up at Cadmus instead of the YJers.

Love the bit with SB’s “choice”. I wonder how he got the concept of “freedom” though.

What on earth did Desmond just become? D:

Oh, poor Guardian! I hope he survives – i like him.

Ooh! I like AL’s powerset. calls it “hard water” constructs – but he’s also got the ability to use electricity.

Wait, what about all the people working at Cadmus? That woman scientist? Guardian? Huh? But I suppose the sub-levels’ architecture should least for a while.

Love that scene with SB seeing the real moon – and Superman slowly becoming visible as he descends towards them.

Aww, look how happy SB is to see Superman! :D

Name-the-hero! :D
- Superman, Captain Marvel, Red Tornado, Martian Manhunter, John Zatara.
- Rocket Red, Hawkman, Wonder Woman (:D!), Hawkwoman, Hal Jordan Green Lantern
- Black Canary, Aquaman, Batman, Green Arrow, John Stewart Green Lantern

That’s cold, Supes. Real cold. :|

Hmmm. Not sure how I feel about that bit where the kids make their case. And why would AL speak up? But I like that he’s doing it rationally, coolly. Robin also, to some extent.

But I still don't understand how they ‘forge[d] something powerful’ with all that they did.

“Mount Justice” I like that.

Robin, why are you wearing those sunglasses inside the cave?

How on earth are those lot “covert”?

Hmm. Why didn’t Tornado and Canary get to say what they’re doing? Why did Bats have to explain their roles? :S

Flash, I like the “there’s a reason we wear these big targets on our chests” bit :D

Still no use of the real names, huh. “Hi, I’m Kid Flash.” Why not put “Wally, Kid Flash” there? I suppose it saves having to say “Dick” and “Kaldur’ahm” as well though...and then of course it saves the question of what exactly to call Superboy for later.

Well hello there M’gann! :D I wonder if you were the you-know-who referred to earlier.

I’m glad Guardian – and Miss Spence the scientist, as well as Dubbilex – survived the literal fall of Cadmus.

Mysterious new villains are mysterious! Hmm.

General Roundup:
This is an enjoyable episode.

The boys from the last episode get out of a predicament and form a team. They're introduced to another main character towards the end, one of the girls, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of her and to the arrival of the second girl.

The villains of the day are defeated, but a larger more mysterious group is set up as well. That'll be the ongoing plot of the series, I suppose.
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