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Gotham City, 6 AM. Artemis’ house!

Huh, her quilt/blanket is a very familiar-looking purple (*coughorisiteggplantcough*)! :P

Ooh. Artemis has an older sister – a tall, dark-haired girl – who left home because “mom’s not getting out of prison any time soon”(!) and she doesn’t want to stay “in this house with just dad”. I wonder if her sister is Cheshire! 0.0

Artemis: “Dad...and you...and me! We have to keep this family from falling apart!”...

...but before we can see the sister’s reaction, we hear Artemis’ mother calling – reminding her not to be late for the first day of school, at which Artemis groans – and daydream disappears.

Bette! She’s Artemis’ new student liaison. I hope her full name turns out to be Bette Kane! :D

Loving Artemis’ surprised look. Who was that short kid who took a picture with her? XD

I wonder when (if??) Dick’s civilian ID will be revealed to the other YJers.

Dick’s a thirteen. Hmm – quite a smart young smart guy, apparently (Wally’s a sophomore at fifteen).

Barbara! :D That’s gotta be Babs Gordon, right? At least she looks a little older than Dick here, even if it can’t really be by much since she’s in school as well.

And finally, on-show confirmation that Dick is in fact Dick. :)

M’gann and Kon are pretty much confirmed as a ‘couple’ then, huh?

LOL at the sphere being a sort of ‘warning’ that Wally’s around.

Kaldur’s confiding in Red Tornado. Good to see.

Red Tornado’s number is 16.

Red Tornado: “I agreed to cover for Green Arrow. He has some...interpersonal event with Black Canary – a ‘hot date’.”
XD &hearts.

The Gotham City-to-Mount-Justice teleporter is an ‘out of order’ phone booth. XD

Oh boy. Artemis is startled when Robin discovers that she’s in Gotham. But is Dick faking his surprise and trying to get a reaction out of her, I wonder, since he knows that Artemis goes to Gotham Academy (since there’s no divide between her civilian and hero IDs)?

Robin: “Artemis?”
Artemis (startled: “Robin! I uh...”
Robin: “How random that you’re in Gotham City and not Star City, where your uncle Green Arrow lives?”
Artemis: “I’ see my cousin. She...was in the state spelling bee. Here. In Gotham...City.”
Robin: “C-O-O-L. Did she...W-I-N?”
Artemis: “N-O.”
Robin: “T-R-A-G.”
Artemis: “Yeah, let’s just go to the cave.”
Robin (with a flourishing bow): “Ladies first.”
Artemis: “Your town. You go.”

Robin’s number is B01. Artemis’ is B07.
-- interesting. I wonder what that makes M’gann’s number, since Roy – who was considered a member right from the start – has the number B06 and it makes sense that Artemis, as the last person to join, would be B07.

WHOA. Artemis and Robin just transported into a firefight!

Whoever the enemy is, he/she/it can manipulate both fire and water.

Robin shows off (my language, not really what he’s doing because he’s running) an impressive series of voice-activated systems in order to reach the Batcave and (via an override) the Justice League – but nothing’s working because comms are down.

First look at the (literally!) fiery opponent.

I like how Artemis was able to find the access hatch in person while Robin was searching for it on the blueprints he downloaded. It’s not all about the tech all the time!

More evidence that Aqualad’s a good leader (edit: well, at least with the first question).
Kaldur: “I have been meaning to ask – any difficulties juggling your schoolwork with your responsibilities here?”
Kon: “No.” (XD)
Wally (working on Kon’s bike): “Juggling’s just one of my many talents. Socket wrench.”
M’gann (passing him the wrench): “Daily cheerleading practice has presented a challenge...oh but my first loyalty is always to the team. *This* team, not the Bumblebees.”
Kaldur: “Artemis starts school today. Do you think *she* will have difficulties mainitaining her loyalties?” (at which Artemis, watching the exchange on security-cam footage, frowns)
Wally: “Nah, she’ll manage all right. I mean how much more hostile and annoying...”
And at that point the security cam is blanked out as the team are attacked.

Why did Aqualad choose to ask about Artemis first, I wonder. And his tone of voice certainly suggested that he wasn’t sure about Artemis’ loyalties when he asked the question about it. :S

Robin: “That’s it. All four are dead.”
*Artemis looks worried*
Robin: “The cameras, I meant the *cameras*! I’m sure the others are okay.”

Robin: “There’s a secret passage behind one of these bookcases.”
Artemis: “Seriously? Cliché much.”
Robin: “You should see the Batcave.”
XD to this whole exchange.

Robin: “Yes on the Red, no on the Tornado!”

WHOA. There’s a ‘female’ robot there too!

“The Mysteries of Odolpho (or is that ‘Udolpho’?)” is the book that activates the secret passage. I wonder if there’s a significance there.

And now we see what’s happened to the others. Kaldur and M’gann are trapped in a fire ‘cage’ while Wally and Kon are literally stuck in something neither can break free of.

I like how Dick quickly got rid of his cape when he realized it could be more trouble than it’s worth.

Dick’s been in the business of superheroing since he was nine, apparently.

Huh, so the communicators work *now*? Or are those personal communicators a different system altogether? And if they are, why didn’t Dick and Artemis think of using them earlier?

Wally shows us again (see ‘Denial’ for the first instance) that he’s no slouch academically either!

Robin: “Ripple effect! Like dropping a stone in a pond.”
KF: “A stone with a 10^12 wattage, yeah.”

KF: “Hey, Red Tomato! Who’s your girlfriend, Red Onion?”
LOL and XD.

Loving KF and SB’s taunts. Fabulous.

Robin realizes the EMP thing he and Kid Flash built is missing a part – a conductor. He needs something metallic, but before he can find it, he’s taken out.

Ooh, more evidence that Artemis’ sister is Cheshire! She finds herself in KF’s ‘trophy room’ and looks closely at the mask KF took from Cheshire in “Infiltrators”.

Cheshire (I wonder if her name’s still Jade here) would have taken Artemis with her when she left home but thought she’d be an unneeded burden. Also, Artemis wants to be at home for her mother's return.

Cheshire (in Artemis’ thoughts): “Haven’t you learned anything? In this family, it’s every girl for herself.”
Artemis (in real time, to Cheshire's mask): “That might have been true about our family, but I’ve found a new family...and here, we're all for one and…”
“Red Tomato” (:P): “One minute.”

And Artemis gets a bit of self-confidence (and a plan?) when she sees the arrow that Wally took as a ‘souvenir’ of the “Schooled” mission.

WHOA. Nice shot, lady! Artemis pretends to surrender, then fires the arrow she took at the EMP generator – providing the metal conductor needed for it to work. It does, and the robots are taken out.

When Red Tornado arrives, all the YJers demand to know about Tornado’s ‘siblings’. He says he was not aware he had any ‘relations’….

- …and when the EMP pulse wears off, the attacking robots come back on – and apparently do something to Red, who was doing something to their circuitry at the time. He creates a whirlwind that knocks the YJers unconscious.

- The next thing they know the Justice League have arrived to see what the problem is. They find the two ‘evil’ robots – and Red Tornado – missing.

General Roundup:
Interesting episode.

We learn a little bit more about Artemis as we see her at home (briefly), school (with some delightful Bat-cameos!), and in the past with a member of her family. There are lots of hints and teases here about her backstory.

Meanwhile at YJ HQ, a plot line that necessitates some careful work by Aqualad is furthered someewhat, although I don't think for a minute that the answer is as obvious as what the text of the show is presenting.

This episode focuses on Robin and Artemis, which is a nice complement to the Kaldur-, Wally-, and M'gann-and-Kon focused episodes we've seen previously.
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