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Cat Grant reporting live again, this time from New Orleans. The lady really gets around! :)

The two blonde "so-called 'Terror Twins'" are Tommy and Tuppence.

Aha, reference to the villain attacks of the first episode! :D. I like that very much. The villains were Mr. Freeze, Icicle Junior, Killer Frost, and Captain Cold.

Here again we see just Kaldur, Kon, and M’gann. Must be another school day for Wally, Dick, and Artemis! :D

Belle Reve is designed to hold supervillains.

We’re able to see some of the villains’ civilian IDS on Batman’s screen. “Leonard” is Captain Cold (and I know from elsewhere that that’s his first name and that his last name’s Snart), seventeen-year-old Cameron Mahkent is Icicle Junior, and Victor Fries is (of course) Mr. Freeze. “Frost” is apparently Killer Frost’s real last name.

Batman (while telling the YJers present where the ice villains went): “...Mr. Freeze to his usual cell in Arkham Asylum.”
The idea that each of Bats’ rogues have a ‘usual’ cell at Arkham is a rather funny one :P

Amanda Waller! I read that she’d be in an episode of this show but I forgot which one. This is the first time I’m seeing her in animated form (not having followed the BTAS/STAS/JLU days), although I have seen some scans of her in the comics.

Amanda: “I am the law of last resort. My name is Amanda Waller. I am not your mother, your maiden aunt, or your friend. *I* am your warden and *you* are *my* prisoners.”

Amanda: “This is Professor Hugo Strange. He *is* your maiden aunt.”
Strange: “Actually, I’m the resident psychiatrist.”

Icicle Sr. is the man in charge, apparently.

Icicle Jr.: “Reeks when your dad is *the man*, y’know?”
Tommy/Kon (after a pensive pause): “Believe me...I know.”
Love this.

Nigma? Riddler cameo! :) Interesting that he isn’t in Arkham. Maybe in this ‘verse it’s (actually?) meant for those who testify as insane (the Joker, for example) and in this ‘verse, Eddie Nigma isn’t that. Or maybe he asked the court to consider him sane, like Freeze did earlier offscreen, so that he’d be sent to Belle Reve instead.

Hmm, supervillains from earlier episodes. That’s the guy who took the Venom/Blockbuster combo serum on Santa Prisca along with...someone I don’t recognize. Someone from the first episode?

Ooh. The masked prisoner there seems to recognize Kon! But Kon throws another prisoner onto him before his cover can be blown.

So, the ice villains’ plan is to get every crook in Belle Reve out – a ‘Breakout’ of sorts :P – which would be a big deal because according to Amanda, no one has ever gotten out – or ever will.

Hmm, so apparently it’s *not* just M’gann who can fly the bioship. Here we see Kaldur doing it.

I like that M’gann likes the water and plants that Strange has in his room.

Kon gets annoyed that M’gann is revealing his father issues to Strange.
Tommy/Kon (annoyed): “Or maybe Tommy refuses to live in Tuppence’s stupid fantasy world where every problem is solved in half an hour!”
*Tuppence/M’gann looks startled and then hurt by Tommy/Kon’s outburst*
*Tommy/Kon looks surprised, like he didn’t expect quite so strong a reaction from her*
Strange: “Excellent! I think we’ve made a real breakthrough today.”
Heh. That whole scene with the ‘Terror Twins’ and Strange is great.

That prison guard named Wilcox - I wonder if he’s in the know about what’s going on.

Hmm – J’onn’s being in Chicago “accounts for every leader” except Red Tornado.

Icicle Sr. (about Nigma joining his meal table): “Don’t even think about it, Nigma!”
Eddie: “Fine, fine! No one can say the Riddler goes where he’s not wanted.”

Tommy/Kon: “So how come you ain’t sittin’ with your pa?”
Icicle Jr.: “’cause my ‘pa’’s a jerk who only wants me around when he needs me! I try not to live or die over getting his approval, y’know?”
*Tommy/Kon looks thoughtful*
Icicle Jr. (continuing): “So...tell me about your sister!”
Tommy/Kon (startled): “What? Aw, she’s a pain. Why?”
Icicle Jr.: “Dude, she’s hot! You can’t see it ‘cause you’re family, but I look at her and I think, ‘that chick gets me’. And really, that’s all you need – someone who sees the psycho that you are...and likes you anyway!”
Tommy/Kon: “’re like an evil genius!”
Icicle Jr. : “Word.”

I think Kon’s going to be taking a lot from Icicle Jr. this episode. A lot of the things about his father issues, apparently some thinking about women... :S.

About the father issues though...I think that some of the things Icicle is saying (the gist of them anyway) aren’t anything Dinah or Diana wouldn’t/couldn’t have told him. I’d like to think he’d discuss some of what he heard in this ep with either of them if he were interacting with them (he kinda is with Dinah already, so it’d be more likely to be her IMO).

Wilcox: “This isn’t Arkham, Freeze. We don’t put up with prima donnas.” LOL :D

Kon works to get Icicle’s (seeming) trust...and seems to get it.

Oh-oh. M’gann’s cover is blown. She stopped Killer Frost from injuring a warden...and was cut off halfway through telling Kon about her situation. :S.

More good work by Kon! He quickly figures out how to get Icicle Jr. working with him unwittingly. The way he managed to get shows he can think on his feet, and fast, and (in this instance at least) do it well.

Not sure I like him suddenly being quite so concerned about M’gann, though. It does fit, in one way, because she’s his teammate and she’d mentioned she thought her cover was blown – and he did seem to realize what his displays of anger/annoyance were affecting her – but after that line Icicle Jr. gave him (quoted above)...yeah. I can’t help but think it’s a variation of trope I don’t like a great deal.

I wonder how Icicle Jr.’s going to feel after Kon reveals himself – if he does do that in front of the other villains. He’ll definitely feel like he was made a fool of, but what else?

Icicle Jr. warns Tomm/Kon not to smash the ice cage trapping M’gann, or else she’ll shatter too. Interesting! Really puts a lot of the ice-action we’ve just seen into perspective.

M’gann: “It’s pretty cold where I come from. All year...”
I like that. Gonna have to read up a bit about Mars (real and, if possible, DCU) but that’s an interesting detail.

Hmm. So M’gann shifted back to her real identity during that (rather long) kiss. I wonder why. Was it because of Icicle Jr.’s shocked “dude, that’s your sister!” or was it something else?

Whoa whoa whoa. Strange’s replaced Waller! 0.0 and he was in cahoots with Icicle Sr. all along! They’re both working for the Light – and all their objectives were accomplished. I wonder what those were...

Also, I wonder where Amanda is. If she’s around and okay, I wonder if this mess could possibly be her motivation to form/agree to become a part of a possible Suicide Squad equivalent in this ‘verse, whether or not YJ’s creators decide to include something like it in the actual show.

But I also love that the Riddler managed to escape in all the confusion when the others didn’t. Fantastic detail, that.

Another detail: I love that “Belle Reve” is pronounced like it would be in French. I thought, before I heard it spoken, that it’d be “Reeve” – and I was pleasantly surprised to find I was wrong.

General Roundup:
Good episode!

This time, two of the team members engage in some real "covert" work and it goes much better than any other attempt the team has made at the same thing. In the process, one of the YJers spends some time with and gets to know a teenager who is the son of another villain. We also get a look inside a supervillain prison - bonus that it's not Arkham - from this 'verse and are introduced to some interesting new people.

Plot-wise, things move forward. Two YJers take a big step forward in their relationship and the mysterious group that's been behind the actions of nearly all the villains throughout the series get some more work done via their proxies.
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