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I can't think of a pun to make on the title of this one. XD

So here’s our first view of YJA Bane. I wonder who the other character – a very Hulk-like one, in the sense that he’s a thin, weak-looking man transformed into a large...creature of some sort (although through an injection and not gamma rays a la Bruce Banner) – is.

Whoa. That guy – Cobra? – has not only super strength, but super agility as well.

The title sequence gives us snippets of the episode to come! Interesting.

I like that the scenes in Santa Prisca were in Spanish(?) with subtitles. That’s an effective way of putting us a little bit more wholly into the scene.

Hah, Bats. I wonder how these kids are going to be “observe and report only” and not “let’s engage in some way”?

LOL at Wally eating during the briefing :D

Hmmm. I hope Robin doesn’t assume he’ll get to be the leader when Bats says the kids should work that issue (who is the leader?) out amongst themselves. Aqualad seems like he should probably get that role because he’s the oldest (AFA I can tell) and most responsible so far.

Hmm, interesting. I wonder what change AL makes to his costume – apart from the colour change – when he turns that buckle.

Ah. So the change was from normal uniform to stealth tech! Makes sense for a covert mission, really – KF’s bright yellow is probably not the best uniform to have around at such times.

I wonder at the yellow underside of Robin’s cape, though. Still, if this Robin is Dick (and there’s no ambiguity about it like the Teen Titans series), then he could easily have had a red and/or green and/or yellow uniform if this stealth tech was so easily available for him to cover up the bright colours.

Superboy: “No capes, no tights. No offense.”

Hmm. M’gann clearly has a crush on him, but he’s not interested in her.

KF (on Robin going ahead of all of them): “Man, I hate it when he does that.”
:S Me too, Wally.

Two squads of armed people are around – but they’ll reach each other before they reach the YJers.

Oh, it’s Bane in one group vs...Cobra’s people in the other, maybe? Still, interesting.

*sigh* Wally WAIT! Leave Robin be!...gah, never mind. “So much for the stealthy,” says KF, who’s just come face-to-face with Bane. Y’think?

*sigh*. What a place to argue about leadership, Robin and KF!
Robin: “This team needs a leader!”
KF: “And that’s you? Dude, you’re just a thirteen-year-old kid, who ducked out on us without a word.”
Robin (with a laugh): “And you’re a more mature fifteen? You blew our cover first chance you got!”
Aand now we get some ages.

Well, Superboy, *now* you want to tell M’gann that she did “alright” with Mister Twister? Really? Last episode would have been better >.< ...but better late than never, I suppose.

Bane’s offering to help them - with the old “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” routine.

And look, Robin looks to Aqualad to see whether they should give the plan a go or not! Now there’s a leader for you (AL, I mean).

Robin and KF are proving they could fit any “immaturity” label that could be given to them – Robin for rushing off like that (again! Because it worked so well the last time) and KF for rushing after him to find him (ditto). :S

“Great chain of command,” mutters Bane. M’gann, Superboy, and Aqualad look at each other. I wonder if one of them will take the initiative here?

Robin’s good with chemistry. :) Nothing less expected from a student of the Bat.

Continuity! The Venom drug is being mixed with the “Project Blockbuster” formula from the first episode to create a new, more powerful – and permanent – steroid.

“Lord Cobra” and “Sportsmaster” are the two new villains here. AL recognizes Sportsmaster.

M'gann demonstrates a new power: she can send telepathic images of anything she sees. She's also able to make herself invisible.

Hmm, I’m a little surprised Bats and Red (Tornado) didn’t anticipate radio jamming. But I suppose the mission was ‘stay together, find out what’s wrong, get on the ship, get back’ – which of course they didn’t do.

Now M’gann’s telepathy comes in handy. Superboy still doesn’t like it and KF still chooses to be silly about it. “You know it, beautiful” to “is everyone online?”? Really?

Bane slips away unnoticed.

Cobra’s assistant is called “Shimmer”. I wonder if she’s an Outsiders villain...hmm. Need to look that up.

Apparently Dick has the most experience working with his mentor, and that is acknowledged. So how long have Wally and Kaldur been working with theirs, I wonder?

Ah. So Dick finally shows that there’s something besides immaturity and academic/technical brilliance to him:
Robin: “How could my first mission as leader go so wrong?”
AL: “You do have the most experience. But perhaps that is exactly what has left you unprepared. Fighting alongside Batman your roles are...defined. You two do not need to talk. But this team is new, and a leader must be clear, explicit. He cannot vanish and expect others to play parts in an unknown plan.”
Robin: “Oh, so I’m supposed to hold everyone’s hands?”
Robin: “Ah, who am I kidding? You should lead us, Kaldur. You’re the only one who can.”
KF: “Please! I could run circles...”
Robin: “Wally, come on. You know he’s the one – we all do.”
M’gann: “hello, Megan! It seems so obvious.”
Superboy: “Could have told you.”
KF (hesitant at first, but then firm): “Okay.”
Aqualad (to Robin): “Then I will accept that burden – until *you* are ready to take it from my shoulders. You were born to lead this team. Maybe not now, but soon.”
Liking everything except that last line of Kaldur’s (so not necessarily true! :S)and M’gann prefacing her sentence with “Hello, Megan!” again (It seems out of place there. :|)

The operation was Bane’s before Cobra got there! 0.0

The kids are working together much better now; and they don’t seem to mind M’gann’s telepathy as much.

Cobra is a god, apparently. He disappears into the forest.

Robin: “We picked the perfect leader...making you the perfect person to explain *this*” – the blown –up remnants of the Santa Prisca factory – “ Batman.”

Look at Kaldur not flinching when Bats was literally in his face! :D <3

Batman: “You’ll each receive a written evaluation detailing your *many* mistakes... until then – good job.”
*Kids look surprised*
Batman:“No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy. How you adjust to the unforeseen is what determines success...and how you chose who leads – determines character.”
Oh, hey, Bats being complimentary as well as critical! :D I like this.

Sportsmaster is reporting to the Light. He has one sample of the Venom/Blockbuster mix, and they say they can reverse-engineer it.

One of the Light is a Frenchman! That accent is unmistakable. 0.0

They also declare themselves a serious enemy! Dun-dun-dun.

General Roundup:
Not a bad episode. The kids finally find - select - a leader, we get a tiny look at some of the other characters in this universe, and there are ties to the first episode and set up for future ones.

Not sure I like the "romantic triangle" forming, though. Yes they're teenagers and teenagers are prone to crushes (boy do I have experience with that! XD) but whether I'll ultimately accept it or not will depend, I think, on how it is played out and/or resolved.
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